23% increase in rescue operations carried out by the Red Crescent compared to last year

The increase in road accidents by 12% during the Nowruz holiday compared to the same period last year and the record number of traffic accidents on the roads of Fars, Kerman and South Khorasan was the subject of the meeting of the Red Crescent Nowruz Service Headquarters on the second. April morning 1402.

According to informants The meeting of the Red Crescent Society’s Nowruz service headquarters took place today (April 2) in the Peace Building of the Red Crescent Society in Tehran, and 1402 were evaluated.

According to the report of the Coordination and Operations Control Center presented at this meeting, since the beginning of the national plan to serve Nowruz for the year 1402, most of the accidents were in the provinces of Fars, Kerman, and South Khorasan, and the total number of roads. Accidents in the past week, compared to the same period in the previous year, increased by 12 percent.

Also, since the start of the National Nowruz Plan on March 24, 53% of the Red Crescent services have been provided to people in various sections on the country’s roads, and rescue operations carried out by the Red Crescent have increased by 23% compared to last year.

500 humanitarian service centers of the Red Crescent serve citizens with the participation of young people from this category in the form of a safety and health station, a child-friendly space, and a prayer tent, and so far 65 thousand people have benefited. of these mobile services.

826,000 people have joined Behroft’s campaign, the purpose of which is to encourage citizens and travelers on Nowruz to observe safety principles while driving.

According to the population information base of the Red Crescent, at this meeting a decision was also taken regarding the formation of the corresponding headquarters in the governorates. The purpose of forming this headquarters is to monitor and summarize the news and operations of the provincial population in various sectors.

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