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Online reporter Hamidarya Shastri reported on Thursday evening at the closing ceremony of the 1st Innovation and Technology Film Festival at Martyr’s Hall. Avene And the General Administration of Islamic Culture and Guidance in Qom Province said: The invitation to hold the first technology and innovation festival was announced in October of this year, and the deadline for submitting works to the Ministry of this festival was extended until December 6.

The secretary of the first technology and innovation film festival said: 317 works from 29 provinces in the country were sent to the ministry’s first technology and innovation festival.

He pointed out that 213 works came from the science and technology complexes in the country, and said: 108 works reached the final stage.

Chishti said: After the arbitration process, the judges announced the names of the winners in the main, secondary and special categories of the festival.

The poster for the 2nd Venice Film Festival was unveiled at the closing ceremony of the first Technology and Innovation Short Film Festival.

Hojjat al-Islam Rezaeifar, Director General of the Technology and Innovation Support Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Shahid Saffarian’s mother at the closing ceremony of the National Short Film Festival for Innovation and Technology. Dhu al-Nuri Qureshi was honored as the representative of the people of Qom in the Islamic Council and as deputy governor of Qom.

Analizeh was one of the winners of the first Technology and Innovation Short Film Festival in the closing ceremony of this festival.

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