4 Important Secrets To Choosing A Travel Blanket You Never Knew

Blanket: A cloth throw used to keep warm, of course, it seems a bit too much to say the word cloth cover for a blanket that is your old, warm, soft companion and cuddles you for more than a third of your life. It does not matter if you are looking for a travel blanket for a flying car or a child or adult type, after reading this article you will undoubtedly know the types of travel blankets and ways to choose the best and correct material. way of maintaining it.

Why is it important to buy a quality blanket?

In the past, when the climate was a little different than it is now, and we experienced cooler winters, we often had to use hand-embroidered blankets, quilts, and chair quilts, which were filled with fibers such as wool or different animals. It was very heavy and hot of course, which was often done by the housewives, in addition to sewing wedding mattresses and crocheted bedspreads in various attractive designs and colors, the whole family was served in the house.

But today, with the emergence of factory products in different designs and models, this heavy burden has been lifted off the shoulders of Iranian women, and you can easily buy the model you want in the color, size and design you want online or in person.

What is a travel blanket?

We humans always need blankets, and everyone has their own unique blanket. There are many people who may not be able to get a good night’s sleep without a blanket, so you need to get the right blanket for different seasons, and it will definitely not be the right blanket for all seasons.

This sleep product is one of the most important items that are of great importance to everyone and is one of the first items you pay attention to when packing your luggage as it plays an important role in the quality of your sleep.
Having him with you makes you never feel cold, and everywhere, from long-delayed flights to the interior of the car and bus, take that gentle warm breeze with you to get through the difficult circumstances of that moment.

How do you know the quality of a travel blanket?

The travel blanket should be designed so that you can easily fit it in your backpack, so the most important feature of the travel blanket is its small size and light weight so that you can carry it easily. Before that, most of these travel rugs were made of synthetic fibers, which were woven faster and lasted shorter than other models, and you didn’t have to replace them for a short time.

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4 Types of Best Travel Blankets to Buy

1- Buy cotton travel blankets

Blankets made of 100% cotton are not easily found in the market. In fact, most models are produced from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. Acrylic and polyester blankets have a larger size than other models on the market. Cotton blankets are very comfortable in terms of softness and warmth and have less lint compared to wool fibres.

According to a recent study conducted on the Dovaj website, only 5.8% of the blankets available in the Iranian market are cotton and the rest of the models contain a percentage of plastic.

2. Buy organic travel blankets

The main problem of these models is their high price. These models are usually used by people with allergies and those with skin and respiratory conditions. Usually natural cotton fibers are used in the production of this travel blanket, so the price of these blankets is a little higher than others.

3- Buy woolen travel blankets

Fleece models are popular examples of travel blankets. These models have a higher temperature and weigh more than models made of natural or synthetic fibers, which makes them more difficult to carry. These blankets are not suitable for children or people with skin disorders.

4-Buy a gel travel blanket

These days, jelly blankets are a good alternative to the synthetic fibers on tablecloths, which play an important role in your sleep quality.
Jelly blankets are known as four season sleeping products that have a soft feel and fibres. The light weight, soft materials and high quality of this bedding set make it a convenient alternative to old travel blankets. Another important feature is that they are easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine without damaging the fabric.
The soft and warm materials made everyone, even babies, very keen on using them, and there was no longer any annoying lint on the old blankets. Hypoallergenic, long life as well as light weight and low volume jelly blankets have become the preferred alternative to old travel models, and you can order different types of them from online stores such as DJ Kala and Doaj Sleeping Supplies.

Best sleepwear brands to buy blankets

It would be very easy to find the names of the manufacturers of blankets and bedding products now with wide and general access to the Internet, but will all the winners in the market have the desired quality? Brand poultry It is a familiar name to all of us, but today other names such as Golbaft, Golsa, Afra, Simin Peto and Ebrahimi Yazd are always seen along with other local brands, which are also more desirable in terms of price and quality and the after-sales service assures that by Buying a variety of hypnotic goods from them, you not only enjoy better quality than imported ones, but also support local production and job creation.

Note: It is best to take due care when covering and making your purchase from reputable stores such as DJ Kala and Dodaj, which offer customer warranty cards with their products.

Ensure the life of the blanket by keeping these 5 points in mind in washing!

Due to the perspiration and skin system of all humans and the pollution of our living environment, it is recommended to wash blankets, sheets and other sleeping products at least once a month, here are some simple and practical tips for washing blankets.

  • Be sure to refer to the brochure before washing the blanket and be aware of how to wash it properly, because in each type of material there are certain points to consider.
  • Some blankets can only be washed by hand, so be careful when washing.
  • The blanket should be washed at 3 degrees, but be sure to refer to the product brochure for the washing temperature.
  • Blankets are often made in such a way that detergents are difficult to remove, so the amount of detergent is moderate to low for better rinsing.
  • After washing, try sprinkling petroleum in the sun to completely sanitize and kill bacteria.

In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the information you need to know the types of travel blankets, buy the best materials, and how to wash them. We have also provided some examples of top brands of home sleep products such as Laiko, Dodge, … to you so that you can buy the sleep products you need in person or online from reputable brands with ease and convenience.

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