A contract has been concluded for the purchase of 1,000 buses for the capital

Today, in the presence of the Deputy Director of Transportation and Traffic of the Tehran Municipality, the General Manager of the Bus Unit Company and representatives of a local automobile company, a contract was signed for the purchase of 1,000 buses for Tehran.

According to the informants, Mehdi Alizadeh indicated that we are working simultaneously towards the development of the bus fleet, whether in the field of modernization or in the field of reconstruction and repair, and said: Fortunately, with the follow-up that was implemented today, a contract for the purchase of 1,000 buses was signed with a local car company.

He explained that these buses are of a single-cabin type, and continued: According to the agreement, these buses will be delivered gradually and added to the fleet, starting from September of this year.

Alizadeh explained that we will work hard to provide services to our dear citizens 24/7 in order to achieve the desired situation, and said: God willing, with these measures, we will be able to meet the needs of citizens in the field of buses. .

According to the public relations announcement of Tehran Bus Unit Company, 40 buses were added to the fleet two weeks ago in the new phase of renovation of Tehran buses.

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