Akbarpour: No one can be arrested by force / Majidi left Istiklal at the worst of times

The management staff of Al-Istiklal Club says that this team will succeed in the next season of the league and will provide the necessary facilities for the main coach of the Blues.

Alireza Akbarpour, a veteran of the Istiklal football team, said in an interview with journalists, about the position of the blue team in the capital after Farhad Majidi’s separation from the blue capital team, he said: “Next year is the most difficult time and I found a customer and left. Indigo.”

“The coaches who will replace Majdi must restore records and the championship, and this is a very difficult task,” the veteran of the Esteghlal football team said about the coach of the Blues capital for the next season. I think that the management of Istiklal Club, which was able to create good conditions last season, can think of a solution for the future of Istiklal and leave anyone with the conditions to sit on the bench. I urge the fans not to compare anyone to the previous coaching staff, because the situation is completely different and everyone must join hands to make Istiklal the hero again.

Akbarpour in response to the question whether the foreign coach is better for independence or for the interior? He said: We have good people from inside and outside. We can say that the external option is saliva and the inside is not good. Good foreign coaches like Stramaccioni have succeeded in independence, but there is no reason for any foreign coach to succeed. Our in-house coaches are good and can do without them, but these coaches have to make sure that they don’t leave the team in the middle of the action. Now is the worst time to leave independence. The army for our coaches is good, but this deal must be arranged so that the independence is not damaged and the rights of the club and the fans are not taken away.

“Football is a game and every moment unexpected things happen,” he concluded. Many of the teams that actually won were not able to perform well on the pitch. Last year, Mr. Azorlo managed to create the best conditions for the team, and calmly made Istiklal the champion. If next season is the same, one can hope for a future full of freedom. Now Mr Azorlo wants to go to the Football Association and I don’t know if this is true or not, but if the management is as strong as last season and provides the necessary facilities to the coaches for next season, we can do something. The promise of freedom for the future of this team, which is in good shape from the start, does not lose the first points of the season and continues the matches with strength and points.

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