Allocate special and happy days for working children

The mayor of District 13 announced weekly recreational programs for working children.

According to the informants, Muhammad Hadi Ali Ahmadi explained that the working children of the 13th district are sent to entertainment centers once a week at the invitation of the deputy head of the social damage department in the 13th municipality. Spend an unforgettable day with other friends one day a week.

Regarding allocating recreational facilities for working children, he said: Working children are sent to recreational centers such as swimming pools, cinemas and amusement parks once a week.

The Mayor of District 13 pointed out that the purpose of implementing special programs for working children is to create motivation and enthusiasm among working children, and stated: Changing the attitude towards the issue that working children can change their living environment and enjoy their educational rights. Other kids are fun, helpful and of course their favorite hand. It is one of the goals of this project.

According to the Public Relations Report of District 13 Municipality, he wished a better tomorrow for all children, pointing out that children’s work is not only education and learning, but also play, and in this regard small entertainment programs have been prepared. A step forward for working kids

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