Anjam Salaneh Bech from 4.5 million Mamorit Organis in Sarsar Kochur

Vizier Behdasht with reference to the Rushd and Strengthening of Organs in turnover after the coup, gift: in turn before the coup, only 20 Paigah Organs in active office but Amruz Sa Hazar and 114 Paigah Organs from a total of 50 Paigah Organis in different points as active duty Est.

to Gazaresh informers, Bahram Aynullahi in the verses of Fath-i Hamzaman 72 Payagah Orjans Pesh Bimaristani in Sarasir Kochur, Gift: From the precepts of Orjans’ exaltations, Rasani services in the rotation of the sacred defense used as a source of invocation and reflection and in the collective sense of Mashud. In the meantime, the stadt of Majurhan Khaliah in Frodgaha mediated by Organis is effective with such an important inscription in the transition of Majurhan Dasht.

In reference to the activities of 346 motorized cars in Kashur, Gift: In the early days of the coup, the population of Norway, Orjanes, had only 150 people, but there were only 25 people in that city. Organis Anjam Mishood.

Vizier Behdasht Gift: Services of Orjans Pray Pemaran and Madoman, Regan Ast and Amedwarim Services of Salamat Nez system with the process of pzshki khanwadeh and return system, Reagan or with a sad case.

God’s eye with the activities of the establishment of the shrines of the organs in the south of the signs of the sign and affirmation of the response: the joy of the organs in the days of Corona, as it is dead in the house and the city of Buddh, the lands of the land of the land of these days, the census of these dear ones in the martyrdom of the head of the land and more A sick Corona, a severe illness, and a diseased blood clot. Organs Hamshnin in the hospital administration of Corona, you will not be able to take care of it.

Vizier Behdasht Adama Dad: In Orjanes Niaz Beh Noori and Beh Roz Boden Darim; Of course, there are cheap means and equipment to transfer the symptoms of life in Maran in the services of 724 and 247 high-quality medical centers, as well as the use of these new equipment and services, which are strengthened. Orjans Hammand is the founder and leader of his time of adulthood and progression.

By stating that Organs are important elements of the system of safety, from the activities of Organis under the title of jihad in the way of God, yada kurd and gift: Nerohay Organs, Fareshtah Nagat Mardam is based on the ability to vanish, and the activities of Shabana Rozi are Hastim.

Ain-Allah Khater-Shan Kurd: Nairohay Organs has excellent activities in the estate of Salamat Anjam Maidhand, a company in all the hours of Shabana-Ruz and the days of Sal, due to a number of disruptions and in different regional conditions, in two and two shocks, in the service of Rasani Maykend.

On the basis of information and beginnings, and how to provide: New organs with the presence of limitations, prohibitions and problems such as the creation of Kurds, the end of the conflict, the end of the conversation, the end of the conversation, the knowledge and the craft of any and in sensitive times, the success of Afrin Hustand.

Minister Behdasht of the High Karkan Organs Ra order and discipline Danst and address Kurd: Discipline and work in Bhangam in 24 hours, Shabana Rose, a cause of distress that Neroha Hamwara Amadh to serve Bashnd. From our point of view, Najat Jan Peymaran and Shockman survived, the reward and wages are not reimbursable.

Ain Allahi is a clear response: Nam and Nashan Orjans, Namad Omid and Zandji Ast. They are shocked and bemaran in Bahrani. You see moments and conditions for Organce to build it. It is important to ensure that you are safe and sound, as well as a number of information about the origins of your organization, according to your discretion.

payam end

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