Announcing the readiness of the inspection body to support the security of the Tehran market

The political and judicial deputy of the General Authority for Inspection and Inspection in Tehran announced at a meeting in the municipality of District 12 that the company fully supports the facilitation and stability of the market.

On the morning of Saturday, July 25, the General Inspectorate visited the District 12 municipality in the presence of Ahmed Asdian, the deputy political supervisor and the deputy supervisor, and referred the Public Relations Department and the municipal informants. Mahmoud Reza Mehrvarz, Inspector of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Mahdi Boromandi, Inspector of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Majid Arun, Organization for Crisis Prevention and Management of Tehran, Amir District and some city managers, held the 12th municipal meeting room.

In this meeting, which was held to review the safety of the Tehran market, Yazdi gave a detailed report on the measures taken since the early days of the new urban management period in this area. Describing the high-risk market as a significant risk in terms of building safety and the legal complexities involved, he said the municipality appears to be responsible for issuing permits for tall buildings – dangerous buildings; Because charitable assets, cultural heritage laws or the commercial reputation of assets are rented and owned by many owners.

He recalled the resolution of these legal issues in the meetings of the Tehran Market Protection Committee, which was held twice a week, headed by the governor of Tehran, the deputy coordinator of Tehran municipality, representatives, residents and representatives of the trustees. The meeting, which was signed by the Deputy Prosecutor General in Tehran, allowed us to provide such conditions as the reconstruction of the fire pit in the state visor, the modification of which was allowed. Buildings are at risk if they do not receive the necessary inquiries within 5 days.

Emphasizing the support of regulatory bodies such as the National Inspection Authority in improving the security of the Tehran market, he continued, “This support gives managers the courage to do great things.” Given the critical market conditions in the field of worn tissue safety, irreversible catastrophes will be prevented if basic measures are taken with the help and support of all responsible agencies in the country.

Asadian, Deputy Inspector General of Political and Judicial Inspection of the General Inspection Authority, praising Tehran’s efforts to secure the market, said: First security, then welfare, health, education and … Therefore, for example, if there is a conflict between security and income, security should be given priority, which is Same in any other struggle.

Expressing his concern about the critical situation of the Tehran market, he said: “This region is a situation in my opinion that the lack of information can cause a disaster, and according to experts, it is the most dangerous region, not in Tehran, but in the whole country.” For this reason, we ask all the devices to perform their homework.

Asadian presented municipalities as major stakeholders in the field of urban planning and urban architecture and the role of municipalities in this regard continued: in other words, in many countries, all service providers are sub-divisions of municipalities, and among these municipalities as one they are a subset of the municipality . Therefore, the municipality must be involved in the safety of the building and other equipment.

He stressed: The inspection body at the state level is all ready to deal with any body that has a duty in this field and does not work in it. However, this approach is limited to media work. Because it is not nice for our country to put so many shops on the market, do not stop and do nothing.
Then the participants in the meeting attended the arena and discussed most of the topics that came up in the meeting.

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