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Are the armed forces, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Atomic Energy Commission exempt from the Transparency Law?

Yesterday, a spokesman for the Parliamentary Committees’ Commission announced the amendment of two articles of the transparency plan for the three authorities in the commission and its organs and other bodies, in reference to the amendment of the transparency plan for the three authorities. Article 1-5 (Reference Plan 1) The referral to the commission was formed in the presence of the executive bodies, including experts and experts from the Research Center, and these two conditions were approved with the amendments.
Meanwhile, Muhammad Taqi Naqdali, another member of parliament, said that the plan is still being studied and proposed by lawmakers, and that no plan has been approved.


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According to Ruhollah, two notes were applied to the reforms regarding the Three Powers Transparency Plan in the councils and the Internal Affairs Committee. And based on the authority’s decision regarding paragraphs 1 to 4 of Article (1), it was decided to include the aforementioned memorandum, and in this memorandum, the State Security Council and the supply boards in governorates and cities were excluded. The following note to paragraphs 1 to 5 of this article has also been amended to exclude from the provisions of this law matters classified by the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Atomic Energy Authority.

Contrary to this view, Naqdali believes that all of their information is not the only exception to the security problems of these institutions. Read the interview with Muhammad Ali Naqdali, Khomeini’s representative and member of the Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Authority.

aThe Three Powers Transparency Plan has been amended and proposed by Parliament. Are some organizations and institutions exempt or excluded from this plan? Explain the details of this project.
No amendments have been made so far and this plan is under consideration in Parliament. And on the advice of the actors is constantly changing. Although it covers the general addresses of all organizations and organizations, the main proposals of the representatives give specific examples of such institutions. That is, the proposals submitted are for approval by specific organizations or organizations, but not if the organization is exempt from this transparency.

In some cases, the exception is military intelligence. The deputies suggested keeping some military institutions secret. Since several suggestions were made, this comment has been referred to the committee for hammer and delegates’ comments so that the scope of privacy is within the framework of security issues and most of those security frameworks are under the heading of transparency. .

Does this mean that the armed forces, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Atomic Energy Commission are not exempted from the provisions of this law?
These institutions are generally no exception and are among a few exceptions. These delegates sometimes indicated that the scope of exemptions for these organizations should be in the area of ​​security issues and not, in exceptional cases, in security and non-confidential issues. Delegates’ proposals are sometimes referred to the House of Representatives for motion after comments have been submitted to the committee.

With these definitions, no plan has been approved in the House of Representatives for reforms and exceptions to the transparency of the three powers, right?
Yes, no plan or amendment has been approved yet and nothing new has happened.

When will the work of this transparent project be determined, studied and put on the agenda of the open court of the House of Representatives?
quickly! This transparent project is under consideration and on the agenda. In these cases, after being referred to the committee, they enter the public arena for another day or two and go through their usual routine, at the end of which a decision is drafted.

Is there an amendment or proposal other than exemption for certain organizations?
No, there is no further proposal, and the working group finally decided to submit its final draft to the body within a month, with additional amendments and suggestions from delegates.


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