“As is” was a Member of Parliament’s inference, not an informant’s statement

Four days after publishing a news channel that attributed a punishment to the first deputy to a news channel, quoting a member of the House of Representatives, this media person corrected her previous news and wrote: “Dr. Peggy repeated that what was said is his conclusion.”

According to what was reported by other media groups, after a sentence with the subject “as it is” was attributed to Muhammad Mukhber in the closed session of the Islamic Council, a group of members of the House of Representatives denied and confirmed this news: the First Vice President did not say such a sentence.

The late denial and correction of this news comes, while some media outlets in the past days attributed the deductive statements of this member of parliament to the statements of the informant and based on that criticized the government.

Mahdi Taqiani, spokesman for the Council’s Economic Committee, confirmed in an interview with intellectuals: Unfortunately, these points are quoted [از سوی این نماینده] Immorality has been committed, and news of the closed session should only be published by the spokesperson of the Board of Governors, and none of the representatives should publish their own opinion of the meeting. What was published under the headline “This is what it is” was a misinterpretation of Mr. Mokhber’s words.

Mousavi, a member of the Parliament’s Economic Committee, also emphasized that fairness is also a good thing. Mr. Mokhber said in the parliament session that we are trying with all our might to solve the economic problems of the people.

Ehsan Arkani also criticized the spread of false news from the closed session of Parliament and told “IRNA”: I do not know on what basis the quote from Mr. Mukhber, which was published in some circles, was based. The First Deputy Speaker stressed the need for a quick solution to economic problems and told the representatives that the concern of all elements of the government is to solve the people’s livelihood problems.

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