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Attending the Tehran Short Film Festival on my own request

Rasoul Sadar Ameli, writer, producer and film director, said at the specialized meeting on the first day of the 39th festival: Although many people want me not to participate in this festival, I participate in this festival of my own volition, but I still do so In mind that artistic activity and behavior are important and I think.

According to the informants, Rasoul Sadr Ameli said at the second specialized meeting on the first day of the 39th session of the Tehran International Short Film Festival about the world of filmmaking art and directors: Those who want to create work in the field of art, especially in cinema, must be united, from people And from other people, to be higher and to look at the world from above. When I say look at art and cinema from above, you will notice that your point of view is more educated and knowledgeable in this situation and you will notice that we directors say what is happening in society, but we need to know that. Average and not among them! Now, with all the events that have taken place, and given the circumstances that exist, I hope that the government of this country knows and understands the people and their demands. Because our society has an awareness that European societies have been trying to achieve for years. Here you know you are the storyteller of this community.

This director is right about the impact of awareness and knowledge on filmmaking: knowing the rules of filmmaking is the most important step in making a business. If we do not know the genre, we will never become a good director, like a literature professor who does not know Hafez and Saadi and then wants to write poetry. In filmmaking, we must also know what it means to tell stories and what are the definitions of all the basics of filmmaking. We must also know the people who are interested in the field and see their work so that we can have an independent worldview of the world of any film industry and somehow create our own unique cinema. To create a work of art, we must first know the genre and then move towards its evolution. In order to disrupt cinema, we need to know impressionism, and this knowledge will help us be innovative and real filmmakers.

The director of “Girl with Sneaker Shoes” said about understanding the main genre: It all comes down to the topic and in the end the audience should like it and if a film is made in Iran, it should be for this country and for the people. . nation. People and our society, of course, filmmaking today is a difficult task because there are many examples and competitors in this field, and directors must strive to achieve the “good” that our mainstream films of the 1960s achieved. . The important thing is that creating first-class work always arises from the environment around the director and his perception of that environment, and if we look at the first great works of any filmmaker, we realize that his work arose from the situation. . Have faith in the director and those around him.

The director of the song I am fifteen years old said about creativity in genre: Cinema is an industry and a kind of teamwork, and the process of making a work constitutes a genre or a worthy work, and you must know that this teamwork begins with an idea, and with the passage of time, this idea is reached thousands of times And at the end of this process nothing is left of the original idea, but in the end we see the effect of being and life. From the main idea, we must know that small flaws will eventually affect the effect shown on the screen, and the director must have the role of a filmmaker and be able to direct and lead the whole group. Every stage of the action industry adds something to the movie and that’s why it is known everywhere in the world how important the final credits are, because the people whose names appear in the credits have died one by one. The picture you are seeing…

Sadr Ameli said about diversity in genre use and avoiding clichés: Clichés are used in genre traditions, but the director knows how to use those cliches and how to make a movie that feels good. For example, in the game Loser Man, even if the rules of the mysterious genre are well followed, poor execution does not make this work successful.

He said about the difference between creativity and experience: Empiricism is a continuation of creativity where there is no creativity, no decision to do something. In some works, the poverty that exists in the form of performance and production of the work destroys the excellent idea and script and the weakness that exists in the background of Iranian cinema and distinguishes Iranian works from the works of international artists.

In the end this director confirmed: I must say that I attended this festival at my request, although many people wanted me not to participate in this event, but I still thought and believed in artistic activity and behavior. he is

The 39th Tehran International Short Film Festival, under the direction of Mehdi Azarbandar, will be held from November 6 to 2, 1401, from October 28 to 24, 1391 at the Mallat Film Campus.

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