Behesht Zahra Organization’s statement on the video “Daughters of Baba Anton”

Behesht Zahra Organization (peace be upon her) condemned the blatant insult to the sanctities and beliefs of the Islamic community that appeared in the video of Baba Anton’s daughters.

According to the informants, quoting the Jannat-e-Zahra Organization (PBUH), the Jannat-e-Zahra Organization (PBUH) condemned in a statement severely offensive to the sanctities and beliefs of the Islamic community and announced that this video was used. Baba Anton’s daughters m. The judicial authorities in Kurdistan are pursuing this case due to the illegal depiction of this group and the filth used in this video at the Behesht Institute of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him).
The text of this statement is as follows:

“In the name of God
And those who believe in God and His Messengers and the righteous and the martyrs are with them, and their Lord will reward them.
And those who believe in God and His angels, the truthful and the truthful are among the wise, and the reward of martyrs is with God, they will be rewarded for their deeds and the light of their faith.
These days, Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him) has released a short video to promote an extraordinary play in Heaven.
What we saw in this video is disrespect for the late imam and martyr who ignored religious sanctities and rested in the paradise of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him), which is definitely unforgivable.
Immediately after viewing this passage and obediently to Jannat-e-Zahra (peace be upon him), it turned out that the clients did not have official permission to photograph in this holy place (photographing in Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him)). Communication with the municipality is possible only with the official permission of the Paradise Center of the organization. The hours of funerals for the bodies of believers in this institute are related to the time of filming.
In addition, the team took advantage of the lack of these factors to shoot the video, given the nature of the agency’s disciplinary patrols, which were not always in production.
The important point is that since the beginning of the establishment of the new administration, the closure of the empty tombs in the organization of Hazrat al-Zahra (peace be upon him) disappeared, but the margins of the event and its outcome disappeared, but soon the building disappeared and the team took the opportunity to make a video.
Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) Behesht Organization, after condemning the first inconsistency and after repeated contacts with the production team of the play, Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) called for explaining the illegal shooting in Behesht and apologizing to the people. Especially the families of the martyrs, but after two days of negative behavior by this group and its delay in responding to public opinion and martyrdom, it condemns this act and declares its strong protest.
It is also the duty of the army guards not to ignore the shortcomings of these forces.
This organization has strongly condemned the illegal act of recording and transmitting this passage to the sanctities and beliefs of the Muslim community in the shrine of Hazrat Al-Zahra (peace be upon him) and next to the Imam of the Martyrs and Martyrs.
In its condemnation of this teaser, the Firdaws Organization in Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) said: The daughter of Baba Anton must respond to the painful feelings of the people and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance must take this anti-cultural action. And work violates the rules with his orders. To get rid of their professional record.
Finally, due to the illegal recording of this video and the visual anomalies and content in it, the agency has put legal investigations by the relevant authorities on its agenda.

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