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Ali Mahboobour, Director General of Security and Police in Ardabil Governorate, in an interview with a reporter on the Internet, raised rumors and allegations from us and the media about the death of this scientist. learner Ardabli’s daughter denied and said: This claim is totally rejected and not true in any way.

Referring to the widespread manipulation of the anti-revolutionary media and the wide spread of this false news, he made it clear that the loyal, revolutionary and enthusiastic people of Ardabil are not affected by the rumors of the anti-revolutionary media.

Mahboob denied the injury and arrest of a number of Ardebil students and said: “The media are trying to stir up the feelings of the Ardabil revolutionaries by making these allegations, and this matter since the day the riots began and today Ardabil was completely calm.

He pointed out that no student has been arrested recently, and I stress again that this is also a liar. All students and future builders of these frontiers study very seriously.

The Director General of Security and Law Enforcement in Ardabil Governorate continued: Recently, the scenario of killing him has turned into a lie, and now a scenario has begun without a specific subject, name and title and without evidence. . Abuse of any kind

Mahboubipur said: It is enough to fake this news, because all schools in Ardabil were closed on Thursday and the pupils are not in schools, so there are those who want to go to schools and arrest some of them!

A reporter on the Internet reported that some counter-revolutionary media published false news, today, Friday, October 22, that the martyr had beaten Ardabili students last Thursday (when this school was closed) and killed one of them. The result of the beating caused bleeding. .

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