Cartoon dragons are found in nature

The big-eared nightingale is one of the most attractive birds, its appearance reminiscent at first glance of the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon.

According to the informants, “informants” He wrote: The Big-eared Nightingale is a small bird with a large mouth compared to its size. The subtlety in the appearance of this exotic bird brings to mind the details of various birds, from owls to hawks and even a fantastical creature such as a dragon.

The nightingale is a unique bird that has acquired various abilities to survive in nature. This nocturnal, fast-flying bird is a master of camouflage and deception of predators.

This bird also has a special voice that may seem frightening to many in the forest.

Cartoon dragons are found in nature

With a weight of about 150 grams, the nightingale has a wingspan of up to 40 cm. The long tail stands out for its small size.

As mentioned, the night owl is a master of camouflage, and this species is safe from attack by predators. In addition, it has excellent vision in the dark, which is essential for living at night.

Cartoon dragons are found in nature

The luminous curtain or tapetum lucidum is a layer that allows night vision in the eyes of this bird. This wonderful layer is also present in the eyes of other creatures such as cats.

As nocturnal creatures with otherworldly birdsong and an eerie black gaze, night owls inspire some terrifying legends around the world.

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