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An online reporter reported that the governor of Bushehr, on Wednesday evening, at the opening ceremony of the Bandar Deer desalination project, noting that the water supply is one of the main problems of the Bushehr Governorate, said that the capacity of the desalination plant at Deer Port could be increased. 3,750. Increasing from cubic meters to 10,000 cubic meters per day

Ahmad Mohammadizadeh said: In this year’s government week, water desalination projects were launched or started to be implemented, and the implementation of these projects is on this year’s agenda.

He said: The Aslouh water desalination project will be implemented next month.

The Bushehr governor announced an increase in drinking water production through desalination of sea water in the province, and said: The Bushehr province authorities will use all their energy to cover the shortage of drinking water in the province.

Mohammadizadeh group a map As an investor, he considered the implementation of the Bandar Aho Desalination Project as a possible factor and indicated: a map It has a high potential in implementing water programs, and it is expected that this project will be completed and opened as per the agreement.

He stated that before the Islamic Revolution there was no water, electricity and health facilities in these areas, adding: Imam Rahil was able to break all the structures and the government of the Islamic Republic was established with the votes of the people.

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