Continuing the holding of the recitation of the Noble Qur’an in the mosques of Tehran

The head of the Religious Activities Center in Tehran Municipality, referring to the spirituality of mosques and neighborhoods in Tehran during the holy month of Ramadan, called for continuing efforts to preserve the spirituality of this month in other Islamic days. global model city

According to the informants and quoting the city’s website, Hojjatul Islam Javad Sadeqzadeh, advisor to the mayor of Tehran, referring to the widespread welcome of citizens to implement the Shallchirag Quranic project on the night of the holy month of Ramadan in central mosques. He said:

The head of the religious activities center in the country added: “This year, the third phase of the plan to create chairs for a period of 30 days to introduce the Holy Quran is 30 lessons of Quranic lifestyle and Quranic behavior.” This project was implemented in the cyberspace (messaging channels of the mosque, Saray Mahallat, Tehran municipality website and my Tehran regime) for public participation and employee participation in the inner portal of the municipality.

Advisers of Tehran Mayor Chiltraj demanded to adhere to the Quranic plan to fulfill the demands of the Supreme Leader that mosques be Quranic, saying: “The holy month of Ramadan continues, so we intend to implement this requirement.” With the help of the city administration.

Hojjatoleslam Sadeqzadeh, referring to the blessings, consequences and major cultural and social achievements of the holy month of Ramadan in society, said: “The main impact of the discussion is to enhance the mental health of the individual and society in various dimensions.” We will see results this month.

He said, “Especially the crimes and social and cultural damage caused by spirituality in the holy month of Ramadan will decrease significantly, and the available statistics prove the validity of this claim.” In addition to the statistical discussion, the general study of the community also confirms this valuable change.

In conclusion, the head of the Center for Religious Activities in Tehran Municipality said: The sessions of interpretation of the Holy Qur’an, which began in early spring, will continue tonight with the participation of the headquarters of the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an in selected mosques in Tehran. According to reports and photos from the group of mosques and Quranic mosques under the direct supervision of Hojjat al-Islam and Muslims, the reception of the program was positive by citizens. Some imams also insisted on continuing this plan in their mosques.

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