Criticism of Baku’s approach to the attack on the embassy

This reaction could be justified at the time, as the dimensions of the incident, in particular the personal motive of the assailant, were not justified, but the repeated description of this incident as “terrorist” by the official authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, after the interviews with the assailant, his daughter and brother and it became clear that the assailant’s personal motive Indicative of Paco’s motive for turning this issue into a crisis.
Citing the position of the official authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a number of official officials and foreign media tried to turn this incident into a political terrorist incident and hide the personal and family motive of the attacker. In particular, the agents of the Zionist regime and Turkey, in a coordinated action with the Republic of Azerbaijan, repeated their unrealistic version of this incident without publishing the official version of Iran.
In all political dictionaries, “terrorism” is said to be politically motivated killing, and the killing of a person or persons in personal, family and group conflicts with non-political motives is never called terrorism. Of course, officials, especially diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, such as Mr. Khalaf Khalaf, who has a long history in the field of diplomacy, should know the difference between assassination and non-politically motivated murder. .
The interviews that were broadcast and the investigations conducted with the attacker confirm that he visited the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran repeatedly to find out the fate of his wife, and because he did not receive a convincing answer, he decided to attack the embassy. The attacker The Islamic Republic of Iran has strongly condemned this act in front of other countries and international organizations, but there is no doubt that the motive behind the attacker was not political.
In a telephone conversation with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ilham Aliyev said, “The cooperation of the two countries in this field should be such that no one has the opportunity to disturb the friendly relations between the two countries. This is a pretext for such incidents.” If the Azerbaijani president is really against the interference of third parties in relations between Tehran and Baku, then why did his assistant Hikmat Hajiyev meet with George Dick, the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan, and solemnly announce that he will talk to him about the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy? an act. Why didn’t Hikmat Hajiyev speak with the ambassador of another country in this regard, and where does the Zionist entity stand in this matter?
At the funeral of the officer who was killed in the embassy accident, Mr. Khalaf Khalaf spoke about Iran’s inability to provide security for the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran, and described this act as terrorism. While he knows very well that there has been no attack on the Azerbaijani embassy since the independence of Azerbaijan, and even when a group of Iranian people planned to gather in front of the Azerbaijani embassy due to some negative attitudes of Baku, with the presence of the security forces were abandoned from this action. If the Republic of Azerbaijan is really concerned that there is insecurity in Iran, why hasn’t it evacuated the Consulate General of this country in Tabriz.
On the other hand, Aikhan Hajizadeh, head of the press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with “TRT Haber”: “We demand that the Iranian government take the necessary measures to identify the aggressor.” Was the attacker not identified and arrested by Iran? Isn’t it unlikely that someone who should be fully aware of the news by virtue of being in the press office would take this position?
In this incident, there is no doubt that Israel sought to provoke Azerbaijan into confronting Iran, and this practice by the Zionist regime is unprecedented, but it was expected that Turkey, as a country that has friendly relations with Tehran and Baku, would take advantage of this. The advantage of the attempt was used to bring the positions of the two countries closer, but unfortunately, the official authorities and the media in this country placed themselves in the ranks of the Zionist regime by describing the Baku incident and provocation as terrorist.
The Islamic Republic of Iran acted patiently and intelligently in this incident and handed it over to the judiciary by condemning the attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and clarifying the motives of the aggressor. Even Mr. Amir Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, suggested that in order to clarify the various aspects of the incident, the security institutions of the two countries should follow up and investigate the matter in close cooperation with each other.
Through this definition, it is expected that the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan will not harm the relations between the two countries by avoiding unfriendly statements and emotional judgments, and without being influenced by third countries, they will seek to manage the issue in a way that serves the interests. The two peoples have bypassed this stage.

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