Discover more than 250 kilos of hashish from the bedroom

The Special Police Commander of Western Tehran Province announced the arrest of two drug smugglers and the discovery of 259 kilograms of hashish in their bedroom.

According to the informants, In his explanation of the details of this news, Staff Sgt. Kivan Zaheri explained that yesterday, drug smugglers were arrested and 25 kilograms of opium and 11 kilograms of hashish were seized with the intelligence measures of anti-drug officers in western Tehran Province. . For these people, a case has been filed and referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for consideration, and at the same time, efforts to identify and arrest their accomplices are also on the agenda.

He continued: With the intensification of police procedures and the interrogation of the arrested traffickers, the main drug smuggling network was identified and subjected to surveillance and intelligence control measures by law enforcement men, and finally, through the measures taken, a field smuggling gang was planned. He was arrested along with the brother of Saeedabad, the main drug dealer, for transporting large quantities of drugs to a house in Bagistan, in an operation carried out by intelligence officers.

Al-Juhairi continued: In the bedroom of this smuggler, 270 kilogram packages, a total of 259 kilograms, and 300 grams of hashish were seized. The smuggler was arrested and his partner was taken to the police headquarters, and after filing the case, he was referred to the Public Prosecution Office to follow up the investigation into the crime.

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