Duty Organization’s Official Response to Freelancer’s Request

And the Islamic Republic of Iran’s police force announced in a statement: Following the discussion and exchange of views regarding the position of two athletes working in the English Premier League football, the following points will be announced to inform the public.

1- Under the previous laws and regulations, every athlete in various fields is obligated to move to work in the form of private facilities to assist in the development and continuation of state sport upon reaching the age of maturity. Relevant licenses are allowed in the National Team of Professional Athletes in the fields of football, volleyball and basketball for professional athletes up to 30 years old and the Premier League up to 28 years old. , and immediately. After the deadline has passed, they will be sent to the emergency service.

It must be emphasized that athletes cannot continue their activities in the relevant clubs after the deadline. The absence of these people in the military service in a timely manner causes their absence, in which case they lose the continuity of sports activities in the clubs and the national team.

2- As for the football players, Mr. Siavas Yazdani and Mr. Muhammad Hussein Muradmond, whose service is required according to the rules of the Istiklal Sports Club during the transfer period on March 22, 2009. Duration of dispatch. Of course, these athletes can continue their sports activities in units of the armed forces, and if the Ministry of Sports and Youth requests and invites them to the national team, participation in the camps and matches of the national team is unlimited.

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