Einstein and Chaplin’s friendship story

Einstein said he was the only person who wanted to see Charlie Chaplin.

According to the informants, Farhid Einstein said that the only person he wanted to meet was Charlie Chaplin. But on January 20, 1931, before their first meeting on the City Lights page, the two were close friends.

Karl Lemmel, director of Universal Studios, said the two intellectuals who met immediately met. He invited Charlie Albert and his wife Elsa to dinner, and this was the beginning of their beautiful friendship. Einstein was coming to Charlie’s house. “Einstein is a very kind man with extraordinary intelligence and a very emotional temperament,” says Chaplin. He told Elsa that he explained how Albert came up with the theory of relativity.

One morning he had strange and agitated behavior while eating breakfast. Like missing something after breakfast, he sat down at the piano and played the piano for half an hour. Then he went to his room to study. He had been studying for about two weeks, and when he left the room, he wrote the theory of relativity on two papers.

At the first meeting, two talents in black ties entered the stage. Other spectators shook hands with him and a conversation is said to have taken place between them:

Einstein: “I value the universality of your art more than anything else. You don’t say a word in your films, but the whole world understands you.”

Chaplin: “It’s true, but you’re famous, the whole world praises you.” Nobody understands your faith.

Although the movie should have grabbed everyone’s attention, the two talents became a major topic of discussion for the media and guests. Einstein’s biographer described his joint arrival as “one of the most memorable scenes in Hollywood”.

Many believed that Einstein and his wife were invited as regular guests, but Chaplin was invited as a close friend. Chaplin was very concerned about the film’s impact and success, but City Lights became one of his most famous films.

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