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According to the electronic news agency, Syed Ihsan janduzi “The Ministry of Economy and Finance assures us that this ministry should demand a common understanding and agenda among government agencies,” he said in a meeting with economic activists from East Azerbaijan in Tabriz on Tuesday. public manufacturers and exporters.

He continued, “While our producers and exporters are not obliged to resolve some issues and grievances, and for many reasons, unexpected changes and developments that disrupt the economy and trade must be represented, on behalf of other businessmen in the Ministry of Economy.” take action. To restore the motivation and lost confidence of economic actors to government policies.

He said, “It is our duty in the government and the Islamic Conference for entrepreneurs to succeed in the country’s production and export sectors more than ever before and win local and regional markets.”

“This is difficult because many decisions are outside the authority of the Ministry of Finance and Finance, but we can help with the tools and moves that we have,” he said.

The Minister of Economy and Finance stressed the need to assist non-governmental entrepreneurs in the country’s production and exports, noting: “We are far from this horizon, and there are many ways in this direction.”

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