Examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the Ahaku electric clutch and the cost of its installation

Electric clutch cost + advantages and disadvantages for a car

For any car to function properly, it consists of components that can help the car move by being placed next to each other. One of these important components in a car is the clutch and gearbox. Because with this system the command to move and change the speed is given to the car. But as you know, clutches in cars are put on in different ways, both manual and electric.

Those who are less interested in manually clutching and changing gears than having an electric or automatic clutch in their car; Therefore, some people change the clutch on their car by installing an electric clutch; That too without knowing the problems with the electric clutch! But the truth is that the defects of the electric clutch are numerous, and this clutch is not considered flawless.

The presence of the Intelligent Electric Clutch can be annoying on some cars and cause problems. In this article, we will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the electric clutch, as well as the cost of the electric clutch, because today we are witnessing the existence of the Samand electric clutch and the Pride electric clutch, and many people are completely unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of the electric clutch. So we suggest you join Ahaku in this matter.

Disadvantages of the electric clutch

Before we examine the function of the electric clutch and the disadvantages of the electric clutch, it is a good idea to first familiarize yourself with the electric clutch:

What is an electric clutch? The electric clutch is actually the same as the automatic clutch that frees the driver from holding the clutch and changing gears manually. In fact, with these types of clutches, the driver no longer needs to manually use the clutch or gearbox to shift gear and speed. For some drivers, the clutch and gear shifting are a joy to drive. But others prefer to leave it to the smart electric clutch. It is true that the electric clutch has many advantages, but the disadvantages of the electric clutch cannot be ignored:

high cost

Undoubtedly, one of the problems with an electric clutch is the higher cost it charges buyers. Cars equipped with an electric clutch are much more expensive than other cars with a manual clutch. On the other hand, the repair costs of the electric clutch are also high, and drivers have to pay a lot of money when it breaks down.

It has basic limitations

It is true that in automatic clutches you do not need to change gears manually, but you need to know that one of the drawbacks of the electric clutch is the basic limitation that it creates. In fact, you can’t freely decide to change gear in this type of clutch, so this is a limitation for you.

risk of overheating

Electric clutches generate a lot of heat due to the type of operation they’re performing, and sometimes that extra heat can become a problem. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain these cars regularly so that the heat generated does not cause serious damage to the car.

It does not function properly if electrical problems occur in the system

Another disadvantage of the electric clutch is that it does not operate properly if electrical problems occur in the system. Since the functional mechanism of this system is done with the help of electricity, any problem in the power supply system will cause serious problems for the electric clutch.

Advantages of an electric clutch

Despite the disadvantages of the electric clutch that we mentioned above, this system certainly has advantages that we will discuss further:

  • Easy and comfortable driving in traffic as well as hill climbing
  • Easier driving for veterans and the disabled
  • Increased efficiency and performance of the clutch system and discs as a result of reduced clutch errors.
  • Reducing side effects that occur to the driver’s structure while driving: such as back pain, knee pain, etc.
  • Reduce fuel consumption in traffic
  • Increased feedback at high speeds compared to conventional clutches
  • Possibility of simultaneous operation of the electric and conventional clutch system

electric clutch cost

According to what we said, some people change the clutch system in their cars by installing an electric clutch. Therefore, knowing the cost of an electric clutch helps them in making this decision. It should be noted that the cost of installing the electric clutch starts from about 1,500,000 tomans, and this amount can vary from one car to another, as well as according to different brands.

Is it true that this device is perfect and has no defects?

The manufacturers of this device believe that the performance of this system is such that the clutch pedal can be opened and thrown away from the time it is installed on the vehicle. So by imagining a car that has an electric clutch system and does not have a clutch pedal, you can understand the overall performance of this system.

Automatic clutch or automatic transmission, which is better?

In our opinion, it is undeniable that an automatic clutch can provide you with the same driving comfort as an automatic transmission, because in an automatic transmission, the gear changes are done automatically and automatically, but in an automatic clutch, the gear changes are done by the driver, and the act of Full foot clutch.

Some people also think that given the cost of an automatic transmission compared to an electric clutch and the similar performance of these two systems in traffic, the electric clutch could be better than an automatic transmission. Also, for some people, the joy of driving is shifting gears, accelerating and pulling back gear, but they only complain about the clutch and constant clutch control on foot; Therefore, installing an electric clutch is a wise and logical decision. According to different tastes, opinions can certainly differ as to whether an automatic clutch or an electric clutch is better.

Is it recommended to install an electric clutch?

An electric or automatic clutch will provide you with plenty of comfort in traffic and uphill, but remember that this comfort and convenience is short-lived in the past. In the first series in which the smart clutch was made in Iran, it was somewhat difficult to use and did not perform the same on all cars, but in recent years there has been a great improvement in the production of this device, which in the long run brought convenience to drivers, and all this The advance is the result of years of research and testing by local companies that make electric clutches on all types of cars.

As you know, each car is composed of different components to achieve maximum system performance, these components, in addition to useful functions, must be modified or what is called matching with each other, and this problem is one of the main issues that electric clutch manufacturers have been concerned about in recent years .Installing the electric clutch today can bring you convenience and protect your car from mistakes during driving, such as quickly releasing the clutch and the car jumping forward.

Installing an electric clutch for starters

Most people who just got their driver’s license make a lot of mistakes while driving, and one of the biggest challenges they face is clutching and not clutching. If you ask people who have been driving for years, they will tell you that they think about many everyday problems while driving and do not understand how they traveled on the road and what cars passed in front of them. These people lead with their subconscious mind, that is, leadership is registered in their subconscious mind like breathing.

But most people who just got their license and sit behind the wheel, driving has not yet entered their subconscious mind and while driving they only think about driving and they are completely keen on their surroundings and one of their most important stressors is traffic and heights, and how to drive a car in control of these conditions. Now, if the clutch and half-clutch were removed from these people’s concerns, they would certainly perform better in driving. As a result, it is recommended to install an electric clutch for beginners so that they can minimize potential risks and drive without stress or anxiety.

Eliminate human error by installing an electric clutch

Imagine a car built for a manual clutch and all of its components coordinated for a manual clutch, there is a possibility of driver error when releasing the clutch or changing gears. But by installing an electric clutch, this human error is eliminated and damage to the gearbox and other vehicle components is prevented. Now, some might think that by changing the type of clutch, this coordination in the system should be expected to be greatly disturbed. But the experience of drivers in recent years shows that the coordination of parts has increased and the friction of components related to the clutch has decreased compared to a manual clutch. What are the consequences of disharmony between machine components? In the following, we shall study these cases under the heading of defects of electric clutches.

What are the disadvantages of the electric clutch and how was it solved?

As mentioned earlier, the use of the electric clutches was not the same on all cars, and caused some problems while shifting gears. But around 2015 onwards, a good leap forward in the design of electric clutch by domestic manufacturing enterprises, which completely solved the previous problems, led to the sales growth and widespread use of this equipment.

In the first series of automatic clutches, in addition to the high cost of purchasing and installing the electric clutch, there is also the cost of repair and maintenance. But in new versions of this machine ask the electric clutch people to fix the problems and they will suggest you and won’t complain to install it.

Today, the electric clutch solves your need to shift gear and grab the clutch, but in the past it put limitations on the vehicle. For example, in the past, when driving with an automatic clutch, you couldn’t easily turn that device off and remove it from the circuit. But today, even though the problems are solved and there is no need for it, you can turn off the smart clutch very quickly by pressing the button and continue driving with the clutch.

Automatic clutches are believed to generate a lot of heat due to their technology and operating system. But research has shown that the electric motor of this device consumes only one ampere of electricity and practically no heat is generated and that this low amount of heat causes no harm to other parts of the vehicle.

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