Fire spreads to many workshops and factories in Tehranpars / 120 firefighters sent to the scene

A spokesman for the Fire and Safety Department of Tehran Municipality announced that a large fire broke out in several workshops in eastern Tehran.

Seyed Jalal Maleki, in an interview with informants, said: At 16:30 today, a major fire was reported in Tehran Park, east of Tehran, on Jashnavar Street, and 6 fire stations and 15 tankers were immediately sent to the scene. The fire department and three district municipalities cover the area. Vehicles and other support equipment, including elevators and respirators, were also sent to the scene.

He said that the site of the fire consisted of several workshops, an industrial center and a factory, three or four of which were roofed and about three thousand meters high. These places were used in workshops for plastic injection, dyeing and dyeing, textiles and .. The place is inflamed and can be seen from the eastern districts of Tehran.

Al-Maliki added: The firefighters were at the scene and started water and land operations from several directions. Operations continued through the hydraulic ladder. With proper and timely extinguishing, the size of the fire was quickly controlled. A number of workshops demolished the roofs and did the same and the heat was very high.

A spokesman for the Tehran Fire Department said: “The operation entered the artistic theater and the risk of its spread was avoided.” No injuries were reported so far, but the accident caused serious damage.

He continued, “The process is still ongoing, and given the scale of the accident, the process takes a long time.” There are about 3 to 4 firefighters on site.

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