Five orders from the central bank to facilitate the receipt of the forty coin

In a prospectus, the Central Bank issued five orders to banks to facilitate the payment of city currency to applicants.

According to the informants, citing the Central Bank, in a publication this bank confirmed the facilitation of the payment of the forty coin to applicants in selected branches of 21 operating banks:

1- The heads of the family, with all the supporting documents and the family members, can go to the branches of the banks that sell the forty currency to their family members (wife and children) who are registered in the Samah system. The absence of other family members in the foreign exchange selling branch is not an obstacle, and the head of the family can buy foreign currency for his family members with his bank card.

2- Operating banks are obligated to provide city currency services through their selected branches every day until 18:00 until September 26, 1401.

3- Operating banks are obligated to report the entry of foreign currency sale kiosk branches until the end of Wednesday, September 25th.

4- Urban currency can only be sold by presenting the applicant’s national card to register in the “Al-Samah” system, and it is prohibited to accept copies of identity documents.

5- For pilgrims over the age of 5 and under 18 who are registered in the Sama system, the currency can be sold to their parents. Banks are required to send the customer’s national code at the end of each day in the form of an Excel file to the Software Engineering Unit of the Central Bank. It is not necessary to register the sale subject to this clause in the Senate system.

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