From an eight-kilometer long queue to greet the president with the national anthem “Oh Iran”

Last week, Iranian President Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi made an important strategic visit to Syria, which was welcomed by the people and officials of this country.
Muhammad Jawad Sabouri wrote a simple and familiar novel on the sidelines of this important journey.

Isnabels – Muhammad Jawad Sabouri:When I got out of the car, I entered the airport suite and entered the waiting room. I fit! There was always a place for the kids of the presidential institution to congregate when it was time to board the plane. This time things were different. A number of the wives of the martyrs who defended the shrine and the sons of the martyrs also attended to bid farewell to Mr. Raisi. After the televised interview with the president, they told him that some of the families of the martyrs who defended the shrine came to see you off.

Meanwhile, two of the children were playing with each other and were filled with positive energy. Mr. Raisi called one of them and hugged and kissed him. In short, the wives and mothers of the martyrs came and greeted Mr. Raisi and asked him to visit Syria on their behalf, and of course they took the promise of the visit themselves from His Excellency the President.

One sequence welcoming the president

The plane landed on the runway in Damascus, I looked out the window of the plane to see what was going on, who was there and who was not. They brought the stairs and the red carpet was spread and Syrian officials were waiting for Mr. President to welcome him on the stairs. I wanted to walk behind the chief when they said, “Gentlemen, the back staircase!”

After disembarking, I sat in the car and we walked towards the Government Palace for the official welcome. My head was on the phone and I was changing a SIM card when the President’s convoy rolled into a crowd of people who had come to welcome us at the airport!

I was completely surprised because according to the previous appointment we were supposed to go directly to the Presidential Palace and there was no news of a mass reception!

We left, but later I found out that the boss saw the people who came several kilometers outside the city and asked him to stop the car, then he got down and started talking to the people.

Of course, this behavior has become normal for us in the last year or two, but it’s very unexpected and risky for the people there and the security stuff.

The second sequence is two heads in each other’s arms

When we entered the palace, Mr. Raeesi had not yet arrived, he might have been busy talking to the people who had come to welcome him at the airport, but Mr. Asad had arrived at the official reception and was walking on.

The official delegations stood in line and the journalists in their positions, all of whom were waiting for the head of the Syrian presidential palace to enter after 12 years. It took several minutes for Mr. Raisi’s car to arrive and he got out of the car. I said they might just shake hands because of Corona, but I saw Mr. Raissi in the lion’s arms.

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

After that, the official ceremony of welcoming and introducing the members of the official delegations to each president and a picture of mutual respect between Mr. Raisi and two women members of Mr. Al-Assad’s government took place. But I never thought that some people would use this photo as an excuse to destroy the government and the president in their political battles.

Read the detailed hadith for yourself and see what we have been waiting for in these four hours.

The third sequence is an eight-kilometer line for the welcome

I was very tired and sat in the car towards Zainabiyah and fell asleep. I heard that some people came to welcome Zinbe, but I didn’t know the details. Suddenly I opened my eyes from the sound of shouting and cheering, lowered the window and saw a terrible crowd lined up, pictures of Sayyid Raisi and Haji Qassem with their hands and faces full of energy and sincerity. Even the kids and teens were very active, I came to life and saw scenes that were very interesting to me.

For example, we were driving a Benz moccasin, and the roof of the car also had a window. I said open it so that I could take a picture of the roof.

Nothing else, I opened the window and took a video with my cellphone.

About eight kilometers away from the mausoleum, people were standing and the remarkable thing was that almost all walks of life were present in this long line and each of them greeted the president in their own style.

After that there was no place for you inside the shrine and … pilgrimage.

The fourth sequence This painting is designed by Hajj Qassem

When we entered the shrine of Hazrat Zainab, peace be upon him, a group of the families of the martyrs who defended the Syrian shrine and the war veterans came to welcome them. The shrine and painted pictures of the martyrs. Haji Agha took each one of them and kissed and hugged them and spoke a few words until we came to a place where the passage behind the shrine was almost over, and we had to enter the courtyard of the shrine. There was a picture of Hajj Qassem on the wall, and Mr. Raisi stood up and offered his condolences.

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

One of the children of the resistance said that we drew these pictures on the wall by order of Haj Qassem. The last time Hajj Qassem came to Syria, then he went to Iraq and was martyred. Haji Qassem said, “Hold this seed now, and I will tell you its form.” The next day, we heard the news of his death.

This exclusive photo is from the moment of entering the shrine of Hazrat Zainab

The fifth sequence continues with shouting and cheering

At night, when Zainabiyah’s schemes were over, it was ten o’clock in the morning and we left the shrine. I was very tired, and it was almost dark in the streets around the shrine. After all, there they do not have electricity for more than two hours a day and many infrastructures, including power plants, have been destroyed by the opposition and ISIS. For example, we went and visited a power plant. And when ISIS left, they threw hand grenades at the turbines and technical parts of the power plant, destroying them in such a way that they could not be destroyed in such a situation. By the way it would take a long time to turn it back on!

In short, I said it’s good and the darkness inside the car, I keep my eyes on some for half an hour until we get to the accommodation. This happiness lasted no more than a few seconds when I jumped back up with a scream and a whistle!

Some people are still out on the streets enjoying themselves!

“God pleases Taiz and pleases my humiliation”

Scene Six: The President Doesn’t Get Tired!

We got to the residence and had dinner. I was so tired, went to sleep, and realized how many people have to sleep in one room! One on the bed, one on the couch, and one on the floor! It is not fair to say that I slept because my soul really left my body and I did not know when it was morning! I was awakened by a knocking on the door, though it seemed like it had been knocking for a long time. Morning said!! I looked at the clock and realized it was too late!

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

I went down and saw that the president had been here for about an hour, and he was meeting with the leaders of the Palestinian resistance front. After that meeting ended, immediately there was a meeting with a group of Palestinian intellectuals, elites and media professionals, then a meeting with the Syrian Prime Minister and then the Syrian Foreign Minister, then an interview with a Syrian TV channel! Only a few minutes in the middle for prayer and lunch!

I cut from this size of the program, but God willing, Mr. Raisi!

Not to mention the fringe programs in the middle of every program checking in with so many eager to be there that, if they don’t see the leader of Iran and can’t talk to him, they should seize the opportunity to have a direct conversation with that president they consider close to.

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

The seventh sequence: meeting after meeting

It was almost 3pm, and we still had a lot of plans until the end of the night. We moved to the hall where the meeting took place with the families of the Iranians residing in Syria. This meeting takes place in all countries, but usually in other countries, the families of Iranian diplomats are in different circumstances, but this was Syria, and the atmosphere of this meeting was jihadism and martyrdom, and many children and adolescents attended. I don’t know why, looking at the faces of all of them, I felt like a potential child martyr!

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

The next meeting was a meeting with Syrian businessmen at the Prime Minister’s Palace. Detailed and serious meeting. Mr. Raisi’s message was one word: We are ready to develop commercial and economic work with Syria and we will remove obstacles, and you should come as well.

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

Scene 8: Iran’s song in the Damascus market

On the evening of the second day, we were supposed to go to the Umayyad Mosque to pray, and I remembered a father who wanted to come and pray there, but he never got his wish! We went and saw that they flooded the entire area around the mosque and blocked the way for people for a few hours. Because it is close to Al-Hamidiyah market and it is crowded and full of people. People were walking from 100 meters away to see if they could see someone getting out of the car!

I used to tell myself that these people were disturbed during this time because they were here, and one of the children also said that if this were Iran, Mr. Raisi would not have allowed his security team to do such a thing.

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

We were talking and thinking when I realized that Mr. Raissi had decided that now that this had happened, we should go to a bazaar among the people to give a message of security and peace to the insiders, and to give burning noses to the enemies and search people.

I said in my heart but is there anyone who knows Mr. Chief who wants to go among them?! Or is there security at all? What if someone pulled out a gun and fired? I was in the same thoughts, when I came I saw Mr. Chief in the middle of the market, talking to people.

Now, in the middle of a shop, I saw an Iranian-Persian hymn to Salar Aghili. Kelly had a taste too, but on the flip side, I saw the kids were saying to each other, Go tell him to put it off. When his movie comes out tomorrow, they will tell us that they staged it and … I also saw from the other side that someone was telling the shopkeeper to turn it off, and someone was telling him to turn up the volume. Unfortunately, the man also got dizzy until Mr. Raisi arrived at his shop, saluted, shook hands with the shopkeeper, and moved on! The story of the poor shopkeeper finally ended well!

In one corner of the bazaar there were several non-veiled women standing and they were eager to come forward to say hello, I said to myself, there is nothing else enough here, Mr. Raissi should say hello to them and take a picture of Iran, again, some people in Media, bake them in oil.

Finally we went to the shrine of Hazrat Ruqayya Ziarat and at 10 o’clock at night we went to the airport to return…

The last sequence is Bashar al-Assad at the foot of the flight stairs

Yes, we are still wrong because the work is far from over. Mr. Bashar came to see me off at the airport in the middle of the night and of course he told us to talk a few words because we still have some work, and that means we will get home tomorrow morning.

I got on the plane, but when I heard that the Minister of Economy had also been called, I became sensitive and said I really should go and see what kind of meeting is going on at this time of night!

It was 11:10 at night when I saw that the atmosphere of the meeting was very dangerous!

It seems that everyone is tired, but the presidents of the two countries are holding detailed economic and technical discussions with all their might!

From an eight-kilometer line to a major reception with the national anthem

Finally, with all the details, the meeting ended after about an hour at the airport, and Mr. Asad climbed the stairs, and this movement had a lot of messages, and finally take-off and the approaching morning call to prayer. ..

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