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Get electric household water purifier parts from the Frap Cala website

Electrical parts for home water purification from Frap Cala website provide. If you are also in Buying home water purifier spare parts If you are in doubt and do not know where to get the damaged part of your water purifier from, stay with us until the end of this article so that we can guide you in this purchase.

The variety of different brands on the one hand and the presence of low-quality parts with famous brand names on the other hand made it difficult for buyers of home water purifiers. To solve this problem, you can refer to Farab Kala, a trusted and expert center in the field of home water purifiers and their parts. Farab Kala guarantees the authenticity of its products and merchandise so that customers from all over the country can have a comfortable and confident purchase.

Introduction of home water purifier parts

Home water purifier parts fall into two categories: electrical or stationary parts and consumable parts. Fixed parts are those that have long service life and need to be repaired or replaced in the event of a failure.

Consumable parts such as filters that lose their original quality due to the use of water purifiers and need to be replaced. We intend to introduce electrical and stationary parts for water purifiers. to me Buying a water purifier and its parts, it is better to make an informed purchase by obtaining information about them.

Buying electrical and stationary parts for home water purifiers

Among the electrical and stationary parts of home water purifiers, we can include building wrenches, water pressure indicators, sewer pipe fittings, all kinds of instrument connections, high and low pressure disconnect switches, filter housings, sewage limiting capsules, purification pump head Water, diverter or diverter, extraction valve, water purification tank valve, water purification tank, water purifier solenoid valve, etc.

These parts are not consumable and must be replaced if damaged or broken. In the following, some of these parts of the water purifier have been introduced.

home water purification pump

In home water purifiers that use the reverse osmosis method, the water purification pump is one of the most important parts of a home water purifier. By creating the appropriate pressure, this part causes the water molecules to move and pass through the semi-permeable membrane. A breakdown of the domestic water purifier pump causes a disturbance in the operation of the water purifier. Farab Kala, a reputed shopping mall for home water purifier spare parts, offers the best and highest quality spare parts.

water treatment pump head

pump head Water purifiers It is the top of the pump. Sometimes the water purifier pressure gauge does not detect the correct water pressure. The reason for the failure of water entering the device may be the failure of the water purifier pump. Due to the high cost of pump replacement, it may not be necessary to replace the entire pump and only replacing the pump head can solve the problem.

transformer or converter

The transformer or transformer is responsible for the power supply and connection to the device’s pump.

pressure gauge kit

The pressure gauge has a hand that shows the pressure of the water entering the device in psi. The presence of a pressure gauge in the water purifier is not mandatory, but with such a pressure gauge, the device can be better diagnosed if necessary.

water purifier solenoid valve

The water purification valve is one of the electric parts of the water purifier, with a voltage of 24W. The water purification solenoid valve is connected to the transformer and works with high pressure and low pressure sensors (high pressure and low pressure switches).

When the command to cut off the pressure from the high and low pressure switches, the solenoid valve automatically closes the water inlet of the water purifier.

High and low pressure switches

These switches are installed for safety and to prevent machine failure. In this way, when the tank of the machine is full, the high pressure switch will cut off the electricity to prevent unnecessary operation of the machine and prevent wasting water.

The low pressure switch is a part that, when the water pressure is less than possible, using a diaphragm, cuts off the power supply and cuts off the pump and solenoid valve, thereby preventing the device from malfunctioning.

Purchasing spare parts for home water purifiers from Frap Cala Company

Buying spare parts for a home water purifier It must be of high quality from reputable centers. Finding a balance between the quality of water purification parts and the right price is usually a difficult task. To solve this problem, it is suggested to purchase Farab Kala water purifier parts. Farab Kala is a specialized and reliable after-sales service center Buying water purifiers In Iran, Tehran, Kashan and other cities in Iran. This center can be the best choice for safe buying by eliminating middlemen and offering warranty and after sales service.


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