Ghalbaf: The Ministry of Privacy is not responsible for the approval of other institutions to announce the price of the assembled cars

After the competition board announced the pricing of assembled cars for the first time and announced it by the Ministry of Safety, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Safety, emphasizing that full responsibility for pricing rests with the Competition Council, clearly stated that the Ministry of Safety is responsible for accrediting another institution to inform it that it does not accept the prices.

According to informants, the competition board has announced that the time has come for assembly machinery pricing. A spokesperson for the Competition Board stated that this board has recognized that all car markets in the country are monopolistic and accordingly, for the first time, it is pricing assembled cars as well. Foreign markets are compared and identified, and we may have reduced the price of these cars.

According to Shojaei, announcing the prices of these cars is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Security.

After this comment, the spokesperson for the Competition Council, Omid Qalibaf – the spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade – on his Twitter page took this responsibility from the shoulders of the Ministry of Silence and wrote:

“Full responsibility for pricing and its consequences in the motor industry, as well as reporting and response responsibility, rests with the Competition Board.

Kumavi, the former Ministry of Silence, is not responsible for approving another institution.

the end of the letter

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