Gone are the days when some people put hats on heads of citizens and municipalities

Speaking about the need to take advantage of opportunities to better serve citizens, the head of the Tehran Municipality Inspection Authority said: The municipality should serve the people better.

According to the informants, Daoud Godarzi, head of the inspection body of the Tehran municipality, said today (Tuesday) in front of one of the inspection offices of the Tehran municipality, recalling the name of Shahid Chamran: “Less devices deal with people’s lives.” Municipal: The existing space provides a platform to serve the people, and in the municipality we must improve our interests, motivations, aspirations and intentions for service.

“It’s people’s worship and nothing else,” said the head of the inspectorate. “Easier and clearer.” And he did it faster.

He referred to some of the service obstacles in the municipality, and added: “Some of these obstacles are caused by abuses, errors and defective structures that complicate the system more than previously thought; while there are some obstacles and problems in the municipality.

The head of the Municipal Inspection Authority in Tehran stressed that we must quickly identify weaknesses, obstacles and loopholes from the urban management point of view, noting that “Our main task in the inspection is to modernize the system and we must focus on our strengths, our strengths, and our strategy.”

Daoud Godarji continued: The municipality should be a good service system in people’s minds. What they believed, and that is really possible and not an illusion, and people can be satisfied.

The head of the Tehran municipality’s inspection body called for another stage of the investigation and said, “After serving the people, our second priority is to deal with the mayor, the citizens and the people who cheat on them and they must be held accountable.” “

He stressed: This is not the case and it is over, some should know that we are no longer allowed to impose wrong actions, decisions and permits on the city, citizens and municipalities. Make it happen.

The heads of the Tehran Municipality Inspection Authority noted that we start with the grain violations and the main issues, and addressed the inspection staff: “Corruption today has become a disaster for people’s lives and has cultural, political, security, economic and archaeological effects.” You have to help and enter the work in a more serious and jihadist spirit.

“With the spread of these violations and the flow of problems we have in the municipality, if each of you act with strong motivation, duplicity and wisdom, then something good will happen,” added Daoud Godarzi.

He stressed the improvement of governance in the municipality, saying: “Inspection should not mislead bureaucracy, negligence, minimal gaze, haste, action and people’s words.” “Servants of the real people.”

According to the head of public relations of the Tehran Municipal Inspection Authority, the head of the Tehran Municipal Inspection Authority continued: “We have come to serve the people, and we are more confident that serious changes will occur in the complex.”

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