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Given this assumption, decide which organization the medical license applicant should apply for the license

We, the Shirazis, have a proverb: (If you do not reach it, do not reach it, then that is enough)) The meaning and example of this proverb relates to the rights of those who cannot work. They are appointed and justify their inability, claiming that their ability to do their job is more difficult.

A long time ago, financial managers in the government claimed to be the science of economics!! The effects and reflection of his economic programs in market regulation and price stability can be clearly understood in the continuation of these economic programs, which goes without saying that the results succeeded in creating a unique plan and idea under the title of liberation. Various pretexts, including facilitating the distribution of work permits in order to create employment opportunities. Business Facilitation Plan Despite the many ambiguities and oppositions, the news campaign in the House of Representatives was supported by the obedient media.

Not a few months have passed since then, despite the mentioned irregularities in law enforcement, the gentlemen made the same excuses and proposed a new plan claiming self-regulation. Institutions and organizations such as the engineering system, the medical system, the bar association, etc., do not have the authority to issue work permits, they refuse the authority to issue activity licenses from these organizations, and in justifying the proposed plan, they say that the directors of these organizations, organizations, are new people, They consider whoever joins this organization as their competitor, and as a result they prevent the recruitment of young people and new people into this organization. Approval of the justifications for creating job opportunities for young people and confronting the monopolies of these companies to approve the business facilitation plan.

I would like to ask the designer of such a problem to answer the question of how to prevent the issuance of a work permit by the director of such an organization in the name of a person who has undergone legal proceedings? All the powers of the government and Parliament are based on the same law that was used to justify its need Put all the powers of the like-minded in the same line, Jithan did not owe any criticism or logical arguments, Set the procedures for the issuance of work permits and self-regulatory organizations to your promise The decision to grant the license was made, so how Will you recover the legally defined competence of these institutions? Does the entity have the authority to issue a license to work in the medical or engineering profession in the name of well-known persons if there is no license from the engineering or medical systems? If the applicant does not work professionally as an engineer, lawyer or doctor. Since this body has no such power, what is the purpose of the duty laid down in law? What are the upper and lower titles of the applicant’s work permit? Who is authorized to monitor the actions and professional behavior of these persons in the future in relation to the issuance of licenses and work permits? Assuming the existence of such a plan, and the ability to observe the actions and professional behavior of the person concerned, have you ever asked where the competent authority is to determine the professional duties and obligations of these persons?

I wish for once to dare to ask and answer these questions in a fair environment and with equal standing in the presence of the relevant experts so that the consequences of such thoughts are determined and addressed first. It is approved and does not conflict with the economic schemes of the government that are supposed to make basic commodities more expensive, and what we see on the market floor today is far from the promises made, we are witnessing the shrinking and painful table of the nation. An increase in people’s livelihood and, paradoxically, it leaves them in relief from the imposed pain and suffering, and we have nothing left.

* Lawyer – Shiraz

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