Hope is not alone / A pair of Siberian Terns came to Mazandaran from Belgium

Informants / Mazandaran The Director General of the Mazandaran Environment Foundation stated that, with the follow-up and efforts of the State Environmental Protection Organization and the follow-up of the Mazandaran Environment Directorate, Dirana the Siberian was sent from the Derna Center for Reproduction and Protection in Belgium to Qatar. Khomeini said of the flight line in this country and from there to Imam International Airport: “This morning our house was sent through official and customs procedures to be released in Feriduncanar International Wetland Area.”

Our colleagues have been mobilized over the past two months and the temporary structure has been set up in the winter wetlands of Nai Omid. Preparations have been made and protocols have been implemented this morning. This bird is located in place of the temporary structure with complete biomarkers.

He said: It is possible, after a short period of being in this structure, to move to the natural surroundings.

Describing the purpose of this transfer as a continuation of the efforts of the past 25 years to preserve and enhance the flight and migration corridor of the Siberian tern from the western herd, the Director General of the Environment of Mazandaran described the purpose of this transfer, and said: This tern has been migrating individually for about 15 years and this is what we are trying to do to be able to Accompanying other people on this migration path.

Kavian explained: Since January 2005, after the western flock of solitary terns sent their solitary terns to Lake Feridun, it caused various international organizations to help us, and the Belgium Center also cooperated with us.

He emphasized: Wildlife enthusiasts expected us to have plans to launch and enhance the flight path, which many years later it did.

The Director General of the Environment of Mazandaran stated: We expected from the media that we can ensure the security of this house in a calm atmosphere in the first three weeks, these two birds will be together and they can fly together during migration.

Cavian stressed that it is necessary for the newly arrived Derna to be completely safe: it is necessary and important not to be in the area where Derna has settled.

“Environmental colleagues are monitoring the area to maintain security so they can do what is protocol by Belgium,” he added.

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