In which areas does the real estate lawyer work in northern Tehran and provide his services?

Having a good real estate lawyer for real estate and land issues allows you to worry less about property loss and financial loss.

If you have ever been involved in the problems of real estate cases, then you know that solving this type of cases and obtaining rights in them without a real estate attorney who has sufficient experience in these areas is a difficult task. It is difficult and full of problems. The chances of winning these cases are also lower without a lawyer.

Because the lawyer of the agent of Tehran 24 takes into account all the necessary matters for his client’s case and completes them until you reach the desired result and obtain your rights in the case.

In the rest of this article, we will explain to you the advantages of the best real estate lawyer in northern Tehran and all over Tehran, and if you stay with us until the end of this article, you will know the possibilities of a land lawyer. You will also learn about the activities of a good real estate attorney.

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A real estate lawyer in North Tehran

Areas of activity of civil status lawyers in northern Tehran

One Real estate lawyer With high knowledge, extensive studies, practical experience and expertise in real estate, he can answer your questions in a favorable manner. You can use the following fields as per your needs A real estate lawyer in North Tehran Get help:

expropriation suit

In many cases, people have to turn to a lawyer to sue for expropriation property claims They indicate for example, you may be the owner of immovable property such as a house and land. Meanwhile, it is possible that someone may have taken possession of that property for any reason. If you are not satisfied with the property of the holder Real estate lawyer He will help you in case of expropriation. You can file an eviction petition with the appropriate judicial authority and request that the said person be evicted from your property. Remember that the suit for expropriation is not only related to immovable property but also to movable property.

Aggressive possession suit

Aggressive possession dispute is another type property claims It is pursued and accomplished in experience A real estate lawyer in North Tehran he is. Aggressive possession lawsuits relate only to immovable property such as land, shops, etc. For example, suppose you are the owner or renter of a home or store. Aggressive possession occurs when someone takes possession of your property in your presence or absence. In such a situation, the owner is called usurper. File a lawsuit to remove aggressive possession is one of the things that A real estate lawyer in North Tehran is being followed. As can be seen in the example, in the case of aggressive possession, unlike in the case of forfeiture, you do not have to be the owner of the property. In fact, it is enough to be a previous owner of a property, and if someone usurps your property, you can file a lawsuit against them.

Litigation regarding iodine discharge. Another example of property claims

Another thing you can do is pursue iodine discharge litigation property attorney Ladder To understand this, imagine that you own a house and you rent it to someone. When the lease agreement between you (the landlord) and the person who executed it (the tenant) expires, the tenant must vacate the home. In fact, continuing to occupy the rental property after the lease has expired is a form of illegal occupation. In this case, as a landlord, you can ask the other party to vacate your property.

In order to file a claim for iodine removal, you must file a property removal petition with the DSB. No official document is needed if iodine is discharged. For this reason, the termination of this case may be accompanied by difficulties. So call Good real estate attorney number In northern Tehran and continuing to work with his help can be very useful.

A lawsuit requires the preparation of an official document

Filing a lawsuit that requires the preparation of an official document is another thing you can do Real estate lawyer Left in the north of Tehran. According to the government, the owner of any property is the person whose name is registered in the Land Registry. Therefore, when a property is traded between two people, the seller of the property must go to the Land Registry to complete the property transaction. When the seller goes to the Land Registry Office, he writes the official document of the property in the name of the person who bought it. If the seller refuses to do so, the buyer can file a lawsuit against him which requires the preparation of an official document.

A real estate lawyer in North Tehran

litigation change of use; One of the areas of activity of a real estate lawyer

User change is one of the files that Real estate lawyer In northern Tehran, he continues to achieve the result. To change the use, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits from the municipality, agricultural jihad, etc. That is why it is not easy to get permission to change the user. One Good real estate attorney With his experience and expertise in user change, he will be able to get a license much easier than you. Accordingly, by attributing a change of use claim to Real estate lawyer You can meet your needs in this regard more easily and quickly.

Malik’s expulsion suit

Provoking a dispute between Afraz Malik about joint ownership. Joint ownership is property owned jointly by two or more people. In this type of ownership, it is not clear which part of the property each person owns. Now, if the share of each person is to be strictly separated, it is necessary to take measures to separate the common property. Allocation of common property can be divided into two types: compulsory allocation and voluntary allocation. It’s one thing to file a property dispute to separate one person’s share from the others A real estate lawyer in North Tehran He has the ability to track him down.

The items described so far are the activities that Good real estate attorney North Tehran responds to the needs of its customers. Real estate lawyer In addition to these cases, he must have sufficient knowledge and experience in other areas. Among these are the cancellation of the contract, the obligation to pay the mortgage, the collection and claim of rent arrears, the obligation to terminate the employment, the adjustment of the rent, the termination of the contract, and so on.

It is possible for a series of crimes to occur in connection with real estate transactions and transfers, such as fraud, breach of trust, forgery of documents, and so on. The occurrence of such crimes causes the procedures and handling of the case in question to be very different compared to real estate cases, which are different legally. in case A real estate lawyer in North Tehran It will be in the interest of his client to be able to collect the necessary documents in a favorable manner and prove the crime committed in court.

A real estate lawyer in North Tehran

Learn about civil status lawyer services

The best real estate lawyer in North Tehran It provides various services to its clients, which include:

Conducting real estate legal advice

You may want to personally monitor your equity. In this case, you must have enough information to follow up on the case. in consultation with Real estate lawyer It provides you with the information you need. When providing legal advice, the importance and sensitivity of the case becomes clear, and the necessity of appointing a lawyer to follow up on the matter becomes clear.

Drafting of the petition by a civil lawyer in North Tehran

Usually, to pursue legal issues, the petition must be filed first. A person without legal knowledge will not be able to file such a petition. If the real estate complaint or petition is not properly prepared, it may not be heard or may not produce results. One Good real estate attorney Knows how to prepare a real estate petition.

A real estate lawyer in North Tehran

Choose the fastest way to pursue legal issues

Good real estate attorney North Tehran is aware of the best way to pursue a legal case. The real estate attorney determines which party or authorities to act through and how to pursue the case.

Collect the documents

When pursuing some cases, there is a need to collect a series of documents. An expert in real estate cases knows the type of documents that can be most effective in following up the case and bringing the client closer to obtaining the desired outcome. A real estate attorney may personally collect the documents necessary to close a case. On the other hand, the lawyer can ask his client to prepare the necessary documents.

Objection to the court’s ruling

Disputing a court order is one of the services you provide A real estate lawyer in North Tehran Foot. It should be noted that the preliminary ruling of the court does not mean the end of the proceedings. You can appeal the decision of the first instance court. In case of objection, an appeals court can be convened. In the appeals court, you will have a deadline to file new defenses and documents to change the court’s decision. If the person’s statement in the Court of Appeal is not as strong as it should be, the court’s decision may be final without making any changes. In such a situation, get help from a Good real estate attorney It will be of great importance.

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