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Influenza vaccination is necessary for high-risk groups / people with symptoms should stay at home for a week

Saeed Karimi, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health, said: “Since the past two weeks, the number of people infected with influenza has been increasing gradually. Last week, 30,000 people were treated as outpatients in the hospital, and after that, about 1,200 to 1,400 people were admitted to this department.

According to him, the number of hospital visits due to influenza increased by 50% compared to two weeks ago.

He continued: The country’s situation in terms of the spread of the Corona virus is not a cause for concern. Pregnant women, patients with heart and kidneys, immunodeficiency, and the elderly are susceptible to influenza and should be vaccinated. Influenza is old and vaccines are effective. But not everyone needs to be vaccinated. Last week, two million doses of influenza vaccine were distributed in the country.

According to him, the flu that is currently spreading in the country is the same old strain. In the past two years, due to the spread of the Corona virus, people used masks, and due to restrictions, the virus did not appear much. But this year, he has shown less commitment to rules such as the wearing of masks.

He said: A person with influenza should rest from five to a week. Don’t forget to wear a mask, observe social distancing, wash your hands and take care of yourself.

He continued: Currently, less than a thousand doses of the Corona vaccine are injected daily. It is recommended that people who have been six months since their previous vaccination should apply for a reminder dose. It is difficult to predict the behavior of corona disease. Corona that we have to vaccinate once a year is gradually turning into the flu. But most viral diseases emerge from the epidemiological situation and become local, national and regional.

“The medical staff fought the Corona virus seriously,” he said. I believe that the demands of the medical staff must be paid and accommodated, that this work will be done and we must maintain the infrastructure.

He said: Currently, 2,200 specialist doctors graduate in the country every year, and we need 3,500 specialist doctors for better coverage in the country. 2000 doctors work every year in different regions of Iran and there is no problem in this field. But the serious problem with the longevity of doctors is that after two years, doctors go to specialized areas due to various problems.

According to him, for further support, the ceiling of efficiency has been raised in disadvantaged areas and tariffs in the public and private sectors have become closer to motivating doctors.

He said: Tariffs are not logically high, and insurance companies should help in this area so that people do not pay this amount. For the sustainability of doctors and medical staff, the private sector must also be considered.

He said: Currently, 267 dental services have been identified, some of which are covered by insurance. Increasing the provision of services in government centers. While most services are currently provided in the private sector, this must also be done in the public sector, which requires financial resources.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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