Interesting WWF reaction to the gilding of Amuzad

In an article, the World Wrestling Federation website showed an interesting reaction to Amuzad’s brilliance in the Asian Championship.

According to the sports reporter of the Anna news agency, after the end of the five-weight freestyle wrestling tournament at the Asian Championships in Kazakhstan, the World Wrestling Federation website wrote: Rahman Amuzad (Iran) defeated Tolga Tomor Osher with a score. 3-1 in the 65kg final.

Surprisingly, Amoudzad was the only Iranian to reach the finals on the first day, showing himself by winning 3-1 in the 65 kg class.

I try with all my heart to train hard to make the Iranian people happy,” said Amoudzad, who won the world junior gold last year ahead of the 2022 World Championships. I hope to repeat this medal at the next World Championships and Olympic Games.” All three matches of Amuzad represent the high level of his weight class and make him have fun.

He said: “The 65 kg weight is the hardest weight in the world and I am happy and enjoying it.” The wrestlers of Japan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia were good athletes and I managed to win the gold medal so that my family and the people of Iran will be happy to win this medal.

As mentioned in part of this report, the bronze medal won by Prince Hussein Kavousi and Mujtaba Jalaj.

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