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According to the online news agency, Habib Sotoudeh Nejad is all about holding on Thirty-five “Fortunately, this year we were able to create the conditions for this old tour to take place with the necessary measures,” said the Iran-Azerbaijan Tour riders in September of this year. It is commendable that the Conservatives and Members of Parliament have given particular support to this round.

Sotoudehzadeh continued: Based on The Iranian Cycling Federation has announced that the scheduled time for this tour will be held in the calendar of the World Cycling Union, which will be held in 5 stages from October 16 to 20 this year.

Director Thirty-five The duration of Iran’s trip to Azerbaijan said: “The itinerary of the trip has not yet been determined, but of course there is no specific issue in this regard, and soon in cooperation with the executive committees of the travel committees and other … regulating factors, other travel issues will be determined.”

Regarding other cycling tours organized by East Azerbaijan Province, Sotoudenejad said, “Tabriz and East Azerbaijan have been discussing and presenting cycling events for many years.” passengers A strong, private and public reputation.

Fortunately, the first round of the Sahand Cycling Competition was held in the mountainous part of Maragha, the Director General of Sports and Youth in the governorate added.

“Of course, all our efforts are to host other cycling competitions as well,” he added. Pstodomine This September, we will be taking a day trip to Kando.

At the end of his speech, the General Director of Sports and Youth of East Azerbaijan noted: “Azerbaijan Province has always been a pioneer in organizing various cycling tours and competitions in our country.”

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