Iranian blood transfusion organization does not need 100 buses to collect blood / shortage of blood collection stations

Khabran / North Khorasan The CEO of the Iranian blood transfusion organization said: This organization needs 100 buses to collect blood to cover different regions of the country.

According to informants, Mustafa Jamali told reporters on the sidelines of his visit to North Khorasan: Currently it is not possible to draw blood in villages and the provision of these mobile buses can cover the gap in this sector.

He continued, “Currently, there are 200 fixed bases and centers for drawing blood in the country, to which people go to donate blood.”

Jamali said: The number of blood collection buses in the country is about 20 old and non-standard buses.

He pointed out that there is currently no shortage of blood collection centers in the country, and continued: Building a blood collection center is not feasible in terms of cost and the country’s economic conditions do not allow such a possibility. That’s why we decided to solve the shortage through blood collection buses.

The CEO of the Iranian blood transfusion organization said: The blood transfusion organization needs a 20% increase in staff, especially in the technical sector, to meet the country’s needs in the next five years.

He continued: Small provinces are more involved, especially in times of crisis, and carry out charitable work by them in proportion to the population.

He added: North Khorasan Province and its people are among the leading provinces in donating blood and one of the 3 largest provinces in the country in terms of population.

Jamali stressed that the measures to promote blood donation are very effective, and said: The various groups, including athletes, artists and officials, are ambassadors of peace and friendship for blood transfusion in Iran, and they are working hard to increase the good and acceptable culture of blood donation. .

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