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According to the online news agency, the first five weight matches of the Under-23 Freestyle Championships (AMID) are taking place today (Friday) at 12:00 in Ponte Vedra, Spain.

At the conclusion of the preliminary round, Prince Muhammad Yazdani at 70 kg and Prince Ali Azerbera at 97 kg defeated their competitors and reached the semi-finals.

The results of our wrestlers were as follows:

In the 57kg weight category, young Ahmadinejad passed the hurdle of Manuel Khanjartsyan from Armenia with a score of 5:4 in the first round. In the next round, Horst Lear defeated the European U-23 champion from Germany by 9-4, and due to the defeat of this wrestler in the next round, the representative of our country withdrew from the tour. Competition

In the 65 kg weight category, Kian Mahmutjanlu lost in the first fight against Hamza Alaza of Turkey with a score of 7: 8, and in the final match he has to wait for the presence of this wrestler to continue his work in the group. of the losers. . He won the bronze medal.

In the 70kg weight category, Prince Mohammad Yazdani, after a break from the first round, reached the quarter-finals in the second round with a score of 15:5 against Asian champion Talighat Serpaz of Kazakhstan. At this point, he crossed the barrier of Japan’s Kota Takahashi with a score of 17-7 and went to the semi-finals. Wizdani will face American Yahya Thomas in this match.

And in the 79 kg category, Mohamed Nakhudi withdrew from the tournament because he did not reach the legal weight.

In the 97kg weight category, Amir Ali Azarbera beat Vasyl Suva of Ukraine in the first round with a score of 12:2 and went to the quarter-finals. At this point, he defeated Richard Wu of Hungary by 10-0 and went to the semi-finals. Azarbera will face Ertugrul a disability from Germany in this match.

The heavyweight semi-finals take place tonight at 18:15.

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