Isio brand types and memory

What is an electronic control unit?

In the explanation of the ECU, it must be said that this part is actually the brain of the car. Modern and new cars are actually computers that are programmed and animated.

In other words, cars are computers on wheels that have to work properly in order to function properly. An electronic control unit is a part consisting of an electronic board, many complex circuits, a protective frame, a processor and memory.

This part is also known as the car’s computer and is responsible for controlling and coordinating various parts of the car such as lights, wipers, door locks and other related parts.

It should be noted that the price of Isio is set according to the exchange rate, and you can pay special attention to the dollar rate to buy Isio.

This electronic unit contains a dedicated chip that, once plugged in, runs the operating system required to operate it. Then release other parts. Then it communicates with the sensors and actuators so that it can get the raw information it needs from them.

As you know, car manufacturers regularly update their cars and add options to them.

This means that with each option added, the software and sometimes the ISIO hardware must also be updated in order to have the ability to support and implement that option.

So it can be said that ECU is an integral part of the automobile industry.

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Types of ECU brands and companies

Isio is produced and marketed in different brands. But a number of these brands and manufacturers have managed to win the trust of drivers and car owners. Popular brands of ECU manufacturers are:

  • Sea trip
  • Valeo
  • Sajem
  • continental
  • Siemens
  • shrub
  • that it
  • West Steel (Hulk Boyish)
  • Come
  • Belgium
  • Delphi
  • trolley
  • Yuvin

It should be noted that some of the mentioned brands also offer ABS blocks and other auto parts, which are not only for the production of car computers.

Learn about the ISO model of the car ISU price

Learn about ECU memory types

The ECU has two types of memory. One type of these memories is permanent, and information is held in it that is necessary for the ECU itself to start working properly.

This information is not deleted when the power to the ISU is turned off. For example, a large table called lookup table is stored in this type of memory, which contains row and column information (the number of sensors) and their information.

But there is another type of memory, which is temporary (intermediate) memory and a bridge between the processor and the sensor. This type of memory is temporary and this data and information is deleted when the power is off. This information usually includes the most recent engine information, vehicle shutdowns, and other temporary information.

Learn about the ISO model of the car ISU price

Ways to prevent car computer damage

Sometimes, a technical issue will damage the car’s computer. But sometimes, according to a series of important points, car computer damage can be prevented.

  • Avoid connecting the wire to the car body and causing sparks.
  • First turn off the car and then remove the battery.
  • Passing through the water holes could severely damage the ISU and its circuits.
  • Replacing the plugs and pins on this part may result in damage.
  • When using the battery-to-battery method, connect the negative terminal to the car body, not to the negative pole of the battery.
  • If you need a RAMP ISO, refer to reputable centers and experts in this field.

Note that in many cases you can prevent damage to your car’s computer and avoid additional costs.

Source: Iranian Health Journal

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