Kermanshah ranks first in the production of chickpeas

According to an online correspondent, Seyyed Javad Sadat Nejad said, Thursday evening, at a meeting of the Administrative Council of Kermanshah Province in the presence of the President of the Republic and government forces: that Kermanshah Province is one of the most important provinces in the field of agriculture and in Kermanshah Province. Past Kermanshah and the city Mahidasht There was no fear that the country would run out of wheat.

He added: There are 900,000 hectares of agricultural land in Kermanshah province, which produces 5.5 million tons of agricultural products, and according to these statistics, 30% of Kermanshah’s population works in agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture al-Jihad said: 40 thousand billion tomans of chickpeas in Kermanshah province were able to get the first place in chickpea production in the country, and accordingly we have 160 thousand producers in the province.

He said: The wheat production in the province has increased by 10% this year and 420,000 tons of wheat have been sold from Kermanshah province to the government so far, and wheat production has increased by 32.8% compared to last year. It has 510,000 tons.

Sadat Nejad said: The return of value-added resources to farmers and the lack of growth of the greenhouses industry in the province are among the main important issues in the province.

Regarding the approvals that were considered for agriculture in Kermanshah province, he said: 3,000 billion tomans will be spent at a certain time in the province, of which 1,385 billion tomans will be spent to complete irrigation networks, water transmission and irrigation networks. Rehabilitation: The excavation of the canal is estimated at 45 billion tomans.

The Minister of Agriculture Jihad added: The road between farms is 100 billion tomans, the establishment and establishment of agricultural and animal settlements 150 billion tomans, and the implementation of watershed projects 400 billion tomans. supply And equip the defense unit and extinction Among the other approvals considered by the government, 15 billion tomans can be mentioned for forest fires, 100 billion tomans to protect Zagros forests, revive pastures and deal with fine pollen for agriculture in Kermanshah province.

He suggested: Consider the potential of 25 thousand hectares of parks rainproof Development and revitalization of gardens in Kermanshah rainproof165 billion tomans were allocated to the cultivation of sloping lands and medicinal plants.

Sadat Nejad said: 210 billion tomans for organizing and distributing the governorate’s records and lands, 170 billion tomans, to complete the hunting complex, 250 billion tomans. supply Among the approvals for this trip are drinking water for animals and Bedouins, improving roads, arranging the settlement of Bedouins, 10 billion tomans to complete the stone station and pest control.

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