Last Relief in Weather Disaster-Stricken Areas / Establishment of Emergency Shelter Camps in Chamgyz and Kamandan

The head of the Red Crescent Society announced that rescuers are on high alert in 24 provinces, including Tehran, and provided relief to 861 people in 8 western and northwest provinces after it rained in the past 24 hours.

According to the informants, This evening, Thursday, April 24, 1402, Pir Hossein Kolivand said about the recent relief situation in the regions affected by climate disasters: 24 provinces in the country, including Tehran, are currently facing heavy rains and torrential rains. But in the eight provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Ilam, Kermanshah, Southwest Lorestan, and North Khuzestan, relief was needed, and many operations were carried out and relief operations are still ongoing in these areas.

“Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours, a person fell due to a water flow in Mehran city of Ilam province, a 60-year-old woman drowned in a flood east of Alamut in Qazvin province, and one person due to a lightning strike in Bokan city of West Azerbaijan province,” added Kollivand. They lost their lives.

And the head of the Red Crescent Society said: Since yesterday morning, the village of Shamjiz in the city of Boldakhtar and Kamandan in the city of Azna in Lorestan province has been evacuated, and its residents have settled in 4 emergency camps affiliated with the Red Crescent.

According to the report of the Red Crescent Society’s media base, Collevand confirmed: According to the meteorological red alert level announcement, the Red Crescent Society across the country was able to make the necessary forecasts in advance and proceed to complete the collection of fees. Relief stores in the west and northwest of the country, as well as setting up emergency shelter camps and announcing them to crisis management in the governorates.

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