Latest Khoi Earthquake Relief / More than 1,000 people injured and 18,000 people emergency shelter

The head of the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization explained the latest relief conditions and the work carried out by this organization, about 24 hours after the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.9 in the city of Khoy.

Sadiq Mahmoudi in an interview with reporters. He pointed out that a few minutes after the 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck yesterday evening in the city of Khoy, emergency and rescue teams of the Red Crescent were dispatched to the earthquake-affected areas. Western and surrounding provinces have been put on alert and relief measures are on the agenda.

He explained that the latest number of earthquake victims is 1017, and said: Most of those were injured due to fear or while fleeing from the earthquake. Unfortunately, according to the official statistics announced by the country’s emergency department, three people lost their lives.

The head of the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Authority stated that a total of 33 villages and 15 urban areas have been assessed and the rescue teams of the Red Crescent have been assisted, and said: So far, 18,702 people have been distributed in tents and in emergency shelter camps. Given

He continued: Four thousand and 156 beds of tents, 380 fire extinguishers, 436 heaters and 436 food parcels were also distributed to the earthquake victims. The distribution of 4,380 sheets of blankets and 1,890 carpets is one of the other measures taken by the Red Crescent since the earthquake.

Al-Mahmoudi explained that 365 Red Crescent activists are stationed in the earthquake-affected areas: and other aid workers in West Azerbaijan province are still on high alert.

The head of the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization stated that the search and rescue operation in the earthquake-hit areas ended this morning, and said: Of course, the presence of rescuers continues in the earthquake-hit areas.

He reported the establishment of 24 emergency camps in the city, villages and safe schools in the Khoy region and said: In addition to West Azerbaijan province, the presence of rapid response teams from the provinces of Tehran, Ardabil, East Azerbaijan, Qazvin and Zanjan has also been made.

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According to Mahmoudi, relief shipments were sent via three Air Force planes, weighing about 52 tons.

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