Leather in interior decoration and its uses and methods of preservation

Types of leather used in sofastheHe is

Nanosan Leather Protection Cream: Natural leather and animal skin such as cow, sheep, goat, etc. are used for furniture. You might think that the more expensive the leather, the higher the quality. While this belief is completely wrong. Each type of skin has its own unique characteristics. One of the factors that cause the difference in the price of leather furniture is its ease of maintenance and its beauty.

Below we present to you the types of leather used in the manufacture of leather furniture. Before starting it is better to read that

synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is similar to real leather and is available in the market under the names PVC, polyurethane, and polymicrofiber. The price of synthetic leather is cheaper than genuine leather.

In addition to high quality, faux leather also has a reasonable price.

normal skin

Nanosun Products for Biz Company: As the name suggests, genuine leather comes from the heart of nature and is prepared from animal skin. Several types of genuine leather are used in the manufacture of leather furniture, which we will present below.

colored leather

The most durable type of natural leather is colored leather, which is very popular and used in most furniture fabrics. The durability of colored leather is created by a pigment-containing polymer coating. The colored leather is highly resistant to dirt and scratches.

The colored leather is highly resistant and durable.

Aniline leather

Nanosan Waterless Shampoo Price: Aniline leather is the most natural and least resistant of colored leather. Aniline leather is covered with a light layer of color to protect against contamination. One of the unique features of aniline leather is the surface distinction of animal skin. Aniline sofas need a lot of maintenance, as they are also delicate and susceptible to light and soiling.

The most natural type of leather is aniline leather.

Semi-aniline leather

Semi-aniline leather has the structure and durability between aniline leather and colored leather. Semi-aniline leather is more durable than aniline leather, while having a natural look with a lightly pigmented coating.

Semi-aniline leather is durable and affordable.

Examination of leather texture to prepare leather furniture

If we want to know the texture of leather used in leather furniture, we must learn about high-grain leather and split leather.

Top grain leather is one of the highest quality forms of leather. In this type of skin, only the layer is removed and the rest of its tissue is intact.

This type of leather has a texture and structure close to genuine leather.

This type of leather is cheaper than other leathers and has a lower quality.

This type of leather is easy to scratch and tear.

The difference between natural and artificial leather

Natural leather is obtained directly from the finishing of animal skins in tanneries. In this process, due to the fact that the skin of the animals is damaged, it is taken to a tannery to make flexible and finally resistant leather. On the other hand, artificial leather is made of PVC and PU plastic materials.

Don’t forget that using faux leather helps a lot in protecting the environment and preventing animals from being killed.

On the other hand, the touch of natural leather gives you a feeling of warmth and softness, while the artificial leather is completely cold and soulless.

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modelthe leather sofa

A wide variety of models of leather sofas will help you choose each according to your needs and personal taste. In the following, we will introduce leather sofa models and their characteristics. Why do you think it is important?

Comfortable leather sofa

If you are looking to rest and relax in front of the TV, choose a comfortable and modern leather sofa. In addition to beauty, the comfortable leather sofa gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation. Buying a comfortable leather sofa is highly recommended for people who like their home to be comfortable and far from luxury.

The best type of furniture to experience the feeling of comfort and relaxation is a comfortable leather sofa.

Chester leather sofa

The Chester Leather Classic Sofa is one of the oldest leather sofa models. The beauty and splendor that this sofa model gives home is undeniable. The wide variety of colors of the sofa model will help you choose and buy the one that best suits your home décor.

The Chester Leather Sofa brings a special dignity and glory to your home decor.

leather sofa

The El Leather Sofa goes well with homes that have a small space for furniture. Buying an El leather sofa is very suitable for people who are looking to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere in their home. What do you think?

If you lack space for your home furniture and at the same time the beauty and durability of the sofa is important to you, choose El leather sofa.

Important points in buying a leather sofa

Before buying a leather sofa, you’d better review some points:

  • The comfort, aesthetics and dimensions of the sofa are among the important points that you should pay attention to when purchasing.
  • The type of leather used in the furniture is very important and has a great impact on the price and durability of the work. Although most leather sofas are made of cowhide, the various processes that are performed on it have a great influence on its durability.
  • Look carefully and touch the sofa. In this case, choose a sofa that will give you more comfort.
  • Pay attention to the way to maintain and take care of the leather sofa so that it is not difficult. For example, pure aniline leather needs specialized maintenance.
  • When shopping for a leather sofa, look for sturdy bases, sturdy wood frames, and rough leather.
  • If the appearance of the sofa is very important to you, focus on its style and color.
  • If you have a large family and there is a possibility that the sofa will get dirty at any moment, then go for a sofa that is easy to clean and does not have a bright color.

Advantages and disadvantages of a leather sofa

Leather furniture is one of the most comfortable and stylish types of furniture out there. If used properly, they are durable and easier to clean than fabric furniture.

One of the drawbacks of leather sofas is that they stain easily like white leather sofas. This furniture is of little variety in terms of color, which makes your choices limited. Another disadvantage of the leather sofa is its high price.

Leather sofa maintenance and care

As you know, in order to increase the useful life of any appliance, including furniture, we need to do some care and maintenance related to it. Because of the delicate and vulnerable nature of leather sofas, you need to be extremely careful in caring for them. Here are some tips for leather sofa maintenance. stay with us Reading is also recommended.

There is a request to shake the leather sofa

It’s a good idea to dust the furniture on a weekly and regular basis to prevent dust from building up on it. Use a clean cloth to dust the furniture.

Basic and regular dusting of a leather sofa oddly extends its life.

Ara leather is Iranian leather

Vacuum the seams of the sofa

If you want to dust your sofa properly, you need to clean all the seams and crevices of the sofa with a soft brush. Apart from sofa stitching with study, use this machine more.

The seams and crevices of the furniture are a good gathering place for dust and all kinds of pollution.

Quick stain removaltheShow

If you spill water on your sofa, wipe it up quickly with a clean, dry cloth. Because the penetration of water into the skin is very harmful to it. If the stain on the sofa is from another material, use special cleaners to clean the sofa according to their instructions. You can reduce your problems by reading.

Remove the stain from the sofa very quickly, because it is easy to remove.

Put the leather sofa in the right place

Direct sunlight and the heat of a heater or heater can damage your sofa. It is best to place the leather sofa away from heat and away from sunlight

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