Loss on and off the field for Ronaldo and his friends

In one of the matches of the seventeenth week of the UAE Professional League, Al-Wasl faced Al-Nasr and won 2-0, but the disciplinary committee of the Football Association of this country has now issued a ruling, and Al-Nasr has been replaced due to a violation of the substitution rules with a score of 0-3 for losers. happy.

This ruling was made after the fact that under the circumstances that the UAE Professional League rules stipulate that no team should have more than 6 foreign players in its composition, Al-Nassr was on the field with seven foreign players for four minutes.

Goran Tomic, the coach of Al-Nasr club, included five foreign players (Ryan Mendes, Adel Tarbat, Samir Mimcevic, Benel Malaba, Globert Lima) in the starting line-up for this match, and after receiving two goals from the opponent, in the 61st minute, Kojo sent Jean-Claude To the stadium instead of Rashid Omar, bringing the number of foreign Al-Nasr players to 6 players.

However, the problem began when Abdullah Toure replaced Hussein Mahdi in the 74th minute, so that Al-Nasr had seven foreign players in the Al-Nasr team until the 78th minute, and Ryan Mendes left the field.

This matter led to the case being referred to the Disciplinary Committee, despite the defeat of Al-Nasr in this match, and this Emirati team lost again outside the field.

The UAE Disciplinary Committee also fined Al-Nasr 10,000 dirhams for its fans throwing liquid capsules at opponent players, and Al-Wasl Club fined 25,000 dirhams for launching fireworks in the stadium.

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