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Low population growth is a major threat to society

Reporters / East Azerbaijan The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education said: The population growth in the country is very low, and it is a danger to society that we have six to seven years to increase the population.

“History is evidence of the resistance and courage of the people of East Azerbaijan, 43 years have passed since the glorious revolution of the Iranian nation, and the enemy did everything in its power.” We defeated the country in these 43 years. With The beginning of the Islamic Revolution, hypocrites and different sects appeared, and the enemy began after not achieving the results of an imposed war for which we offered many martyrs for the revolution.

He continued: After the sacred defense period, the enemy began imposing harsh penalties, and its main goal is to stop the Islamic revolution, and everyone is witnessing that Corona has caused many problems in all countries of the world, but in our country with Corona as well … the sanctions have created greater pressure.

He said: The enemy continued sanctions, but they claimed that medicines and equipment are not punished, but they authorized medicines and medical equipment, but our people and our scholars have taken important steps in the field of vaccine production and supply, regardless of the enemy. “They did.

Ain al-Lahi pointed out: Last year, the Corona virus infected our country, and we had 8,000 serious patients and 50,000 patients daily, and in such a case the thirteenth government intervened and all the government and the Ministry of Health tried. . The influx of vaccines entered the country and we faced a flood of vaccines.

He said, “One million and 600 vaccines are injected daily, and eight million and 600 thousand vaccines are injected within a week, and the death rate and corona disease have decreased significantly, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is among the first six countries.” In the field of combating the Corona virus.

He added: So far, 96% of people have received the first dose, 86% of the second dose, and 55% of the third dose.

The Minister of Health indicated: We have established a program of justice and excellence in the health system, and with regard to public insurance, six million people from the three lowest deciles of society were covered by public insurance free of charge, and a fund has been established. for certain diseases

He continued, “Our population growth is very low, and this is a danger to society.” We have six to seven years to increase the population, the Islamic Council has approved the Population Act for Youth, the Population Youth Camp has been established, and useful work has been done.

According to the informants, Ain al-Lahi finally confirmed: We have 3.5 million infertility cases in the community, and 90% of the cost of treatment in government centers and 70% of the cost in private centers has been approved to be covered by insurance. It covers pregnant women up to two years of age and children up to five years old.

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