Luxury is everything to us!

Luxury is everything to us! And arranging numbers by the side of the road is more our duty than bread at night. Now, if we were born premature and spent a few million more to push back our wedding date, it wouldn’t matter.

Journalists Plus: Today is the anniversary of a special date in Iran. Two years ago, on this day, 9/9/1392, Iranians lined up behind the doors of the delivery room to give birth to their children, and 3,000 children were born within 24 hours, setting a new record for the birth of children. It happened in the country.

But is recording Rand’s date of birth the only concern for some? The answer is no! In today’s modern life, human values ​​are very different from the past, and even Rand’s mobile phone number, Rand’s marriage history, and Rand’s car license plate are valuable and valid for today’s people. Why have values ​​fallen so much now?

The meaning of life has undergone great changes in human vision and interpretation

the doctor. Muhammad Rahimi (sociologist and university professor) believes in this regard: As you said, statistics show that the record of the birth of a child was broken on 9/9/99, and this topic is necessary for the analysis of society. Changes that guide society’s values ​​and attitudes. Rand’s date of birth, why and when Rand married, Rand’s mobile phone number, Rand’s license plate number, etc. are all important to people in modern society. I think people’s vision and definition of the meaning of life are valuable. She has undergone tremendous changes.

He continues: The meaning of life is how people interpret life and how they deal with it.. In social literature we say that each person interprets and interprets life according to his social and cultural capital, and that Rand’s history is in some way a value and is in fact a criterion of pride for our society in the sense of the universality of this phenomenon, and it has a common and healthy sense In the opinion and minds of the people of society, and the new generation respects it with new beliefs and values. The intention to create gives a new meaning to life, which we know as a luxury lifestyle.

Play luxury and collectible dreams!

The sociologist explains this about the culture of luxury that has spread today: For the new generation of luxury, I can boldly say that this is the whole meaning of life, the generation that wants to live, the way it wants, the world to change. And our information about it is very limited. In the term phenomenology, life in people’s eyes, we say that in order to understand the meaning, one must enter one’s mental world and life and see the phenomenon.

the doctor. Rahimi believes: By entering the mental world of people fascinated by Rand’s stories, we realize that these people have many accumulated desires and want to set themselves apart from others and be proud in any way possible; But the reason is that it is modern. Human values ​​change and superficial because modern society has its own rules, and traditional society has its own rules, and people adapt to these conditions and standards. They assimilate to society, but when people cannot adapt to it. With the social and cultural changes of society, they face new challenges and to overcome them, they try to show themselves in a position to others and to society with fake symbols.

What happened on 02/22/2022?

Pointing out that the transition from tradition to modernity has its own problems, he adds: On the one hand, people have their traditional relationships, on the other hand, they face the changes of modernity, and in this social struggle we face value change. And a series of new social values ​​emerged.. At this stage (I mean the transitional state) socialization is essential.. People in educational institutions must learn how to face challenges and how to manage their lifestyle.

In response to a question, are we witnessing this situation everywhere in the world or not? He says: If this lifestyle is specific to us, Iranians and the Third World, then I must say that a few months ago we saw the date of Rand (02/22/2022), but there was no birth on this date and nothing was done. Occurs.” Otherwise, life would have been completely normal. The fact is that today’s state of society has brought about changes in the values ​​of the younger generation, which have been caused by technological changes, facilitating communication and increasing relative prosperity.

And he adds: Advanced societies have realized these changes and have done well in managing social and cultural changes, and therefore people’s daily behaviors are based on rationality. But in our society, because we are not aware of value changes, daily behavior is often not based on conscious thinking and rational calculations, but on habits and “squatting”.

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