Mechanical, weight and geometric properties of 12 Neishabur a3 rebar

Khorasan Steel Complex produces all kinds of Nishapur bars in terms of size and standard

Razi rebar price: Khorasan Steel Complex Company produces ribbed rebar, ingots, sponge iron, molds and pellets according to the Iranian National Standard 3132. Ribbed rebar is produced in Neyshabour in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32. Production cost varies For each of these products for the plant; For example, the price of 12 bar rebar varies with larger or smaller size. Aeromart updates Khorasan brand of all sizes daily.

Production is made using twill surfaces, ie A3 grade and spiral under Quench-Temper heat treatment. When buying, note that like all products produced in steel mills, Khorasan rebar has an exclusive mark and is known as KSC rebar. Due to the presence of fakes and falsification of the brand by abusers, the exclusive mark was engraved on the rebar. The abbreviation KSC.CT engraved on the Neyshabour rebar indicates the production of this product by the Termax method.

Neyshabur rebar specification; Important tips for buyers

Reinforcing steel price: Nishapur Iron Factory products include simple and ribbed types. Each product has specific properties in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties and engineering properties. The daily rate of Neyshabur rebar is not the same in different types. The effect of the difference in zinc properties is also evident. Buyers should know more about the characteristics of Khorasan steel products. In Neyshabour rebar weight table and price chart, different properties of these metal profiles can be seen.

Reinforcing steel applications. Reinforcing the strength of the structure in the projecttheDifferent

Rebar is actually a type of steel reinforcement that is used in concrete to compensate for tensile strength. Neyshabur rebar is used as reinforcing steel in concrete. The use of Miglard KSC in structures strengthens and reinforces the concrete in the building. To increase the bonding quality of concrete with rebar, the cross-section is usually grooved. The amount of construction in the country has always had an impact on the price of Neyshabur rebar.

Dependence on the market also affects the number of projects. Also, Neishabur rebar is used as one of the durable sections in the market for primary reinforcement in structures. Among other applications that have an impact on the price of 16 bar rebar, we can mention the strengthening of the structure against incoming or secondary loads. This product is also used to resist local loads and reduce cracks and stresses due to temperature.

Neyshabur Reinforcing iron weight table Rebar price 18 Neyshabur

The importance of buying Neyshabur rebar according to the exclusive mark of the factory

Mills active in steel production engrave a special mark on sections to identify products and prevent common abuses. Various manufacturers, such as Neyshabour rebar, insert the exclusive and abbreviated name of the plant or product on each branch of rebar to identify it. With this, the query about the price of Neyshabour rebar today in Mashhad and Tehran and the final purchase can be done safely. As mentioned, the abbreviation for Neyshabur Rebar is KSC. The first letter of this acronym is associated with the Khorasan Steel Plant.
The second letter indicates the product produced by the Nishapur Rebar Factory, that is, steel or steel in general. The last letter also indicates the company or company that manufactures and supplies these products to the market. By choosing and entering the short name of the factory, the hands of fraudsters will be avoided and the possibility of fraud using fake products will be reduced. It is important to pay attention to the short name in the market. For example, if you decide to buy with an inquiry, be sure to check the exclusive name. Ask for the daily price for Neishabour and Shahin Bonab from Aeromart.

Nishapur rebar price undertheinfluence of various factors

Neyshabur rebar price changes under the influence of many factors. Due to the constant fluctuation in prices, it is important to inquire about the daily price of Neyshabour rebar before purchasing to estimate the cost of the project. By knowing the reasons for the increase or decrease in the price of Neishabur rebar, you can plan the purchase at the best possible time. The most important factors for changing KSC rebar prices can be mentioned as follows:

  • Exchange Rate Changes: The exchange rate affects both the price of raw materials and the price fluctuations of Neishabur rebar in the market.
  • Supply and Demand Quantity: As supply decreases and demand increases, the price of Neyshabour rebar is rising today.
  • Current political conditions of the world: Sanctions and political relations are changing market conditions.
  • Rebar Standard: The type of production affects plant costs. For example, the price of 18 bar ribbed rebar is different from the normal one. In addition, the price of Neyshabur ribbed rebar depends on the type of tread. Of course, currently, the Neyshabur Rebar Factory is only engaged in the production of A3 ribbed rebar.
  • Rebar Size: As the size of the rebar increases, the diameter and weight of the rebar will also increase. With increasing weight, the price also increases. Thus, the price of Neishabur 16 rebar is different from the price of Neishabur 18 rebar.
  • Transportation and Shipping: Rebar shipping in Nishapur has a variable rate like any other product. The cost of transportation depends on the distance, type of goods and tonnage.
    All of the factors mentioned apply to different manufacturers of steel sections. For example, it is not the same in different time periods.

Purchase of Neyshabur rebar at the price of ancillary goods and services btheAs in Aeromart only

Similar to other commodities, the production quality of the product is also one of the factors affecting Milgrod’s daily price list. Neyshabur rebar price is in the middle range as compared to other steel market products. This has caused a high demand for the products of the Khorasan Steel Factory, especially in the northeastern market of the country. Aeromart is one of the active trading companies in the field of steel which offers the price of rebar in Neyshabour similar to the stock market. This group has many years of experience in the field of Neyshabour rebar purchase in Tehran, Mashhad and all over the country, and with freight and freight services, it relieves the customer.

It is possible to place an order for Neyshabur rebar online and by contacting the sales experts at Aeromart. Aeromart, as a major supplier of steel sections, has set up a pre-purchase consultation system through 021-45306. Aeromart can also be entrusted with all ancillary services that can be performed on a product, such as welding, cutting, bending and forming your steel sections.

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