Meet the prolific digital book man

He spent seventeen years collecting manuscripts and photographs of ancient works with great motivation and knowledge. It had a great treasure and how easy it was to use it. His system was amazing. The amount I saw in his laptop.

In all these years I have not seen anyone with this quality, work and experience in this field. Possessing images of Iranian copies, he organized them in the best way. He extracted small details from them and indexed them.
He printed most of the Iranian personal files completely in a program and extracted the most accurate information from them. Dar al-Kitab is not ready to explain what happened to him, just like Agha Bozor’s website.
relating to access to information. How did I feel that I did not see? He regrets that the libraries do not allow access to images, and he is right. These libraries are not few in Iran. By the way, they are also big. Rashtieh, Astan Quds, Marashi. If they hide these manuscripts, they think they have preserved the treasure, but science is a treasure whose deeds are revealed when people possess it. My patriot and what and what … are not ready to hear anything. Astan Code, let’s not talk about this. And other places and other places.

Meet the prolific digital book man

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