Message of the Minister of Health on the occasion of Nurse’s Day

In this message, the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education congratulated Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon her) on her birthday and the Nurse’s Day.

According to the informants- According to Webda, Dr. It was stated in the letter of Bahram Ein Allah:

“In the name of God

Congratulations on the birth of Hazrat Zainab Kubri (peace be upon her) and the celebration of being a nurse. Naming that patient’s and resistance’s birthday a Nurse’s Day rests on the shoulders of dear nurses.

Nurses preach sacrifice and human dignity. He who gives new life to the sick and the afflicted with a ray of faith and sacrifice, breathes life into the body of society, and this life born of true faith in the Creator and love for people is manifested in the guise of dignity. nurse. .

The nurses sacrifice their entire being for the peace and comfort of the patients and in this devotion filled with spirituality, they reveal the great dignity of Hazrat Zainab Kabiri (peace be upon her), the embodiment of patience. sacrifice among the women of the world.

Celebrating the dignity of the nurse is not limited to one day of the year, but in every moment, the nurse becomes the standard bearer of this important humanitarian mission as altruism crystallizes in the light of divine love. belong to the Lord

Today, nurses are dearer and more respected than ever before in the eyes of our people, and this is God’s grace and blessing. The Goddess of Mercy is the nurse of the sick. Because it deals with both the body and the soul of the patient. It helps the patient’s body, speeds up his recovery, calms him down, and reassures his soul.

Carrying out meticulous and sensitive medical procedures, taking care of patient safety, managing noisy and stressful departments, taking care of oneself and subordinate colleagues, updating knowledge and conducting research, participating in social and charitable activities, guiding and directing patients, spiritual concern and enlightenment. Instilling hope and faith in the hearts of patients, preparing various and important reports, planning work and dividing work between them, presenting reports and suggestions to doctors and medical staff, coordinating and directing the medical team to respond to patients’ needs, and promoting respect. For patients, especially the elderly, kind and merciful in dealing with anxious children, modeling, helping students to teach and learn, while maintaining the family and caring for children, playing the role of educator and health advisor in the community, the nurse just did the so-called person.

While the nurses’ valuable efforts are appreciated in the general situation of the country, their presence and companionship with the Trustees of the Temple in the saga of eight years of imposed war is a milestone and an honor for these dear fellows. In our country, after the COVID-19 epidemic, in the past three years, scenes of sacrifices and other sacrifices have been created for dear nurses in our country. Rightly so, we have witnessed the selfless, loving and ingenious performance of nurses. in this field. . Together with other health workers, nurses, as the front line health workers, have created a proud gold leaf in the history of nursing in our country during the difficult and stressful time of dealing with corona disease.

While I appreciate the perseverance and work of respected nurses, I congratulate the noble nursing community on Nurse’s Day and wish health and well-being to these dedicated workers of the health system.

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