Moment by moment, with the election of the Iraqi president, the vote has been extended to the second round

According to the report of the International Group of News Agency on the Internet, today (Thursday, October 22), after a year and three days of the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the Council elected a new president with the attendance of 269 deputies out of 329 deputies. Representatives of this country, despite the fact that the long-running conflict between the two main Kurdish party that finally took place in Parliament. But during the voting, the number of voters was announced 277.

Parliament session begins at 13:08

This meeting was supposed to take place today at 11:00 (Baghdad time), but then it was delayed by two hours and was scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon, and finally after ringing the bell, the meeting began at 1:00 in the afternoon. 1:00 pm. 08 Baghdad time The meeting officially started.

Today, the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the names of 41 eligible candidates for the presidency, among them the names of the current president “Barham Salih”, “Abdul Latif Muhammad Jamal Rashid” and “Raber Ahmed”. Moments later, Rabie Ahmed officially withdrew from the presidential run in favor of Abdul Latif Rashid.

Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid served as the Minister of Water Resources for the Kurdistan Region between 2003 and 2021 and has been an advisor to the President of the Republic of Iraq since 2010.

In such an atmosphere, there were speculations about Barham Salih’s withdrawal from running for the presidency, but such news was not announced until the meeting.

The meeting of the prime ministerial candidate with the main candidates for the presidency of Iraq

And at about 12:30 this afternoon, media sources, citing the presence of a large number of deputies in the parliament hall, announced that an important meeting was held in the presence of the coordination framework candidate, “Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani.” This meeting was held in the office of the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Prime Minister Abdul Latif Rashid, Barham Salih and heads of political factions.

As Iraqi parliamentarians were preparing to attend the important meeting of the House of Representatives today, the Green Zone in Baghdad targeted 9 missiles, and the Iraqi army’s Ilaam group reported the missile attack. A number of security personnel and Iraqi civilians were wounded.

Iraqi presidential candidates are asking the Iraqi parliament speaker to present himself before voting.

The quorum for holding today’s session was completed at 1:07 pm, then “Mohammed Al-Halbousi” entered the hall with the two Vice Speakers of Parliament.

Secret voting for presidential candidates has begun

Iraqi media announced the start of secret voting for presidential candidates. The Media Office of the House of Representatives announced today, along with Rayber Ahmed, who withdrew from the presidential candidacy in favor of Abdul Latif Rashid, that “Omar Al-Barjanji” also announced his withdrawal and will not have any vote.

End of polling and vote counting

At around 14:00 Baghdad time, after the representatives present in the House of Representatives voted for their candidates, the counting of votes began.

According to Iraqi law, the candidate who obtains two-thirds of the votes of deputies, i.e. 220 deputies out of a total of 329 deputies, is nominated for the post of president, but if no candidate obtains the required quorum, two candidates are elected for him. one term. The second time, whoever gets the most votes will have a vote, and whoever gets the most votes will be the country’s new president.

And media sources, which are still counting the votes, announced that Abdul Latif Rashid’s votes are much higher compared to the other presidential candidates.

Abdellatif Rashid received 157 more votes than the rest of the presidential candidates, but because he did not get two-thirds of the votes, the parliamentary vote was extended to the second round.

And media sources announced that Barham Salih left the House of Representatives after winning second place with 99 votes.

The second round of voting has begun

Gharib al-Turkmani, the informant of the Iraqi parliament, announced the start of the second round of voting to elect the president of the republic at 16:10 and the attendance of 242 deputies in this round. But it was later announced that there were 251 people.

According to this report, the “New Generation” party boycotted the second round of the presidential elections and avoided participating in it.


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