Mr. Alive The Broncos protested too but it didn’t kill the players motivation!

“No one wants a certain team to be the champion; the will is not to become champions, because I am the coach of Persepolis.”

This was the only part of Yahya Gulmohammadi’s whirlwind interview after the home draw against Arac Aluminum. A match that the Persepolis players believed was affected by refereeing errors like the previous two matches and that they were entitled to three match points. The noteworthy point of yesterday’s match was not the refereeing errors but Gul Mohammadi’s strange words.

And the coach of the Persepolis team, who was very angry with the arbitration, demanded the fans of this team to keep the championship for the next year and a half, and even announced that he wanted to face the competitors with the second team next week. The question now is, if Golmohammadi is so confident that they want to take away the championship from his team because of him, why doesn’t he resign so that Persepolis is not affected by this incident? If Persepolis won the championship at the end of the season, what explanation would Gulmohammadi give for his words today?

Gulmohammadi’s behavior yesterday was unlikely for such a great coach, who won the league twice and is considered by many to be the future of the national team bench. It is enough for Yahya to watch the last three matches in Persepolis to see that, apart from the refereeing incidents, the performance of his technical team has decreased significantly. Yesterday, they only had two shots on goal against aluminum, and were no better against iron and steel smelters. Of course, every team has a temporary decline, but the art is that the head coach can return the players to the desired form.

Even if there was an actual force at work to take the championship from Persepolis, Gul Mohammadi’s reaction still couldn’t help this team. He could have motivated his players to work harder in the upcoming matches, but he did the exact opposite and killed all the spirit left in them. Yahya’s interview reminded me of the day when Branko, tired of refereeing mistakes, gave a sharp interview and said at the end: “But we will be champions!”

Yes, like Yahya and all coaches, the Broncos protested the events off the field, but it didn’t kill the hope and motivation of the players.


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