Neishabur is an archery magnate from Razavi Khorasan and country

Informants / Khorasan Razavi The head of the Khorasan Razavi Shooting Council said: Nishapur is the archery pole of the province and the country, and the athletes of this city have won many places in the country’s archery league.

The Annual General Assembly of the Khorasan Razavi Shooting Board was held this morning, January 20, in the presence of the heads of the Federation, the heads of the Khorasan Razavi Shooting Board and members of the association.

“The trip to the cities was one of the first steps we took,” said Gholamhossein Nakhdian, head of the Khorasan Razavi Archery Council, referring to the 150 million tomans debt left by the council from the previous president. In the Turbat Jam tour, with the support of the governor of this city, we were able to activate the Turbat Jam shooting hall and hold the largest shooting competition in this city. Unfortunately, this hall was not opened due to a shortage. funds

And he said: Opening the first shooting hall in Taybad, holding competitions in Al-Khaf, as well as honoring the former staff of the leadership team and holding a meeting to solve the problems of the shooting team in the province are among the measures. In this management period, the team was fired.

“We are currently facing a problem with weapons, and this is what the Basij announces,” said the head of the Shooting Authority in Khorasan Razavi, referring to the closure of the shooting league in the country due to the spread of the Corona virus. She has been preparing for this challenge for nearly a year. .

Nakhdian said: The first round of shooting competitions was held in Nishapur due to the red conditions in Mashhad, and now we can see that this city has become the archery pole of the province and the country, and the Nishapur teams are the best. in the archery league. .

Pointing out that Ferdowsi University is one of the archery poles in the province, reminding: Club competitions and air targets are launched in this university.

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